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    18 Things That'll Make Life Easier For Those Of Us Who Would Rather Just Not

    And the title of the laziest person on earth goes to...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This laundry hamper, that can actually be used as a punching bag if you feel so inclined.


    If you're someone who likes to put off laundry day for as long as possible, getting yourself a space saving and aesthetically pleasing hamper is a must. This one is made of super durable polyester canvas (you can actually punch it) and it's compactable so when it's not in use you can pack it away with ease.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $39.

    2. This bag that promises to preserve those bananas you bought a whole bunch of, but still haven't used for anything.


    When kept in the fridge, this bag will ensure that your bananas won't discolour and will stay fresh until they're ready to be eaten.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $7.95.

    3. These gorgeous book displays, because who has enough hands to cook AND hold open a recipe book?


    Nothing says Martha Stewart more than a recipe book on display in your kitchen, especially if it's flipped to some over-complicated recipe that you'll actually never make in your life. The best part is, they come in a set of two, so you can use the other one to display your favourite books.

    Buy the set from Amazon Australia for $9.99.

    4. This handheld milk frother, so you can finally enjoy Dalgona coffee without your arm aching for three days after.


    To use this frother, you literally just have to hold it in your milk for a minute and ta-da! You've got creamy, delicious froth. It's also perfect for making matcha green tea lattes. You're welcome.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $9.98.

    5. This makeup bag that's perfect for those of us (ahem — me) who have a hard time packing their makeup away after using it.


    This makeup bag uses a drawstring mechanism to open up and become a makeup mat, then closes to turn into a makeup bag.

    Buy a two pack from Amazon Australia for $12.97.

    6. This kitchen tool that will make the tedious task of separating egg whites from yolks super easy.


    This stainless steel gadget is perfect for those of us who have trouble with the whole back and forth between the eggshells move. It's also great if you have a lot of eggs to seperate for a recipe like the jiggly Japanese cheesecake.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $13.88.

    7. This keyboard cleaning jelly, which is arguably the funnest way to clean. I mean, it's basically just slime!


    This cleaning jelly is made of soft gum and is non-toxic and biodegradable. It's totally safe on your skin, so you can have a great time playing with it and put an end to sticky keys forever.

    Buy a four pack from Amazon Australia for $12.99.

    8. This fabric refresher, which will keep your favourite t-shirt fresher for longer, which means you get to avoid doing laundry (a waste of time).

    @treeactiv / Via Twitter

    This spray not only smells fantastic, but it helps fight acne causing bacteria, which means it's also perfect to use on your pillowcases and sheets when you just can't be arsed washing them. It's made with natural peppermint water, tea tree water, lavender water and clary sage extract, so it'll not only refresh your fabrics, but also create a super soothing scent that'll put you right to sleep.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $45.65.

    9. This squeegee, so that the next time you shower, you can pretend you're auditioning for the part of "window cleaner" and end up with a sparkling screen.


    If you're someone who wonders how in the hell their shower screen gets so foggy without actually doing anything about it, this super affordable little tool is for you. This little device works on all windows and glass and it's super chic looking, so you can install it in your shower and keep it there without anyone raising an eyebrow.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $13.03.

    10. This self-charging robotic vacuum, so that you never have to perform the literal worst chore in the world again, while appearing like a clean queen.


    This robot will not only clean your floors, but it knows when it's low on battery and will return to it's charging station all by itself to juice up again. As long as you set it to vacuum twice a week, you'll basically never need to think about vacuuming again. Plus, if you can't get a pet for whatever reason, you can stick some ears on this guy and live your best vacuum-mum life.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $315.

    11. These deodorising bags to throw into your laundry hamper, which will keep unpleasant odours at bay.


    These bags absorb excess moisture, so they'll also keep mould and mildew caused by your sweat at bay. It's perfect for gym shoes, but can also be used in closets, cupboards and drawers to keep clothes fresh and clean.

    Buy a two-pack from Amazon Australia for $21.99.

    12. This Audible subscription, which will allow you to listen to books instead of actually read them.

    Audible / BuzzFeed

    I mean, who has the time or the energy to sit there and flip through pages when you can have a book read out to you while you're doing important things like waiting in the drive-thru at Macca's.

    There's a ridiculous amount of books you can listen to, including Where The Crawdads Sing, The Giver Of Stars and Celeste Barber's memoir, Challenge Accepted!, which she narrates herself.

    Audible has also recently introduced a sleep feature that includes sleep meditation narrated by Diddy or bedtime stories read to you by Nick Jonas. If that won't lull you to bed, I don't know what will.

    Get Audible from $16.45 a month.

    13. These Face Halo makeup remover cloths that can clean your face with just water and little-to-no scrubbing.

    BuzzFeed / Hameda Nafiz

    These makeup remover cloths replace up to 500 single use wipes, so not only will you be reducing your waste, but you'll also have no excuse not to get your eyeliner and mascara off before bed.

    They reach deep into your pores to remove makeup and impurities and when you're done using it, just toss it into the wash up to 200 times. You can get the remover cloths in black or white on Amazon, or you can get them in dark red, or a gorgeous PRIDE edition from the Face Halo website.

    Buy a pack of three from Amazon Australia for $24.

    14. This microfibre hair wrap that will dry your hair without damaging it like a regular towel.


    Who has time to dry their hair with a hair dryer? This hat will keep your wet hair out of the way when you're getting ready, while simultaneously using its incredible absorbency to dry it.

    Buy a pack of two from Amazon Australia for $9.63 (available in six colours).

    15. This USB-chargeable portable blender that will make protein shakes so much easier to prepare.


    If you've ever used a protein shaker, chances are you've tired your arm out trying to dissolve powder for a smooth, lump-less shake. With this bottle, you don't need to worry about any of that. When fully charged, you can use it to blend whatever you want up to 30 times before it needs to be juiced up again.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $43.99.

    16. This avocado tool that will make having avo on toast so much easier.


    This tool includes a slicer, a cutter and something to get that slippery seed out with ease. Here are some delicious avocado recipes by Tasty that are automatically easier with this tool.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $9.07.

    17. This dry shampoo for when washing your hair sounds like the worst idea in the world.

    Hask Haircare

    This dry shampoo will remove excess oil and grease from your roots without drying your hair out. It contains coconut oil and monoi oil to moisturise and rejuvenate your hair while keeping it from looking like an oil slick.

    Buy it from Priceline for $7.99.

    18. And finally, this memory foam seat cushion because as a lazy bunch, sitting is one of our favourite hobbies.


    This seat cushion can be used on a car seat, on a bus seat, on your work-desk chair and basically anything you spend an ungodly amount of time sitting on. Except maybe the toilet.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $35.99.

    You, wondering how you've lived your whole life without these products.