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    In A Biskit Is Back After Six Years Of Begging And I Refuse To Eat Anything Else

    If you see me lugging a trolley of these in a Coles parking lot, lol no you didn't.

    It's been a long time coming, but the infamous little cronch morsels of deliciousness — In A Biskit — are coming back, baby!

    Facebook / Meanwhile In Australia

    I personally have not stopped clucking since I heard the news.

    Yep, you heard me right. Your favourite chook-flavoured biscuits are returning to shelves no sooner than tomorrow and I personally can't wait to chow down on a box of these while binge-watching my life away.


    They'll be available in major supermarkets and convenience stores all over Australia from August 11 — but you might just find them in some stores now.

    The biccies are coming back in the classic Drumstix flavour we all know and love. Plus, there's also the iconic chicken flavour — which, in my opinion, run circles around Shapes Chicken Crimpys

    Facebook / Meanwhile In Australia / Amy Anderson

    You know I'm correct, don't @ me.

    So set your reminders to head to the shops tomorrow and grab yourself a box of these legendary Aussie classics.

    Reddit : u/monaro_1996 / Via

    But be sure to stay safe and practice social distancing when you do so.

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