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    19 Things That Will Give You A Head Start On Your New Year's Resolutions

    A new decade means new promises.

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    Somehow the year 2019 has slipped through our fingers and 2020 is looming.

    The CW

    I'm not screaming, you're screaming.

    And TBH, I feel like our New Year's resolutions will be extra powerful — it is the end of a decade and the start of a new one after all.

    To help give you an early mark on those resolutions, here's a bunch of products that will give you a head start on 2020 and the decade ahead.


    It'll almost be like a test run!

    1. This focus journal you can use each morning to gather your thoughts, prioritise your goals and track your progress.

    2. This green tea memory foam mattress that will evenly distribute your weight on its surface, resulting in a great night’s sleep every night.


    An old, tired mattress is generally the reason you can’t get comfortable at night. Replacing that old mattress can relieve aches and pains and ensure you sleep right through until your alarm goes off.. And as we all know, the benefits of a good night’s sleep are undeniable.

    The mattress also comes in a box, making it crazy convenient and easy to order.

    Buy a queen size mattress from Amazon Australia for $369.

    3. Or if you’re not interested in completely replacing your mattress but want a refresh, get your hands on a mattress topper, that will give you a similar result with less effort.


    This mattress topper is gel-infused, meaning it will regulate temperatures — the perfect solution for summer's unbearable heat.

    Buy it for a double bed from Amazon Australia for $73.56.

    4. This cotton weighted blanket that will lessen your anxiety and aid in a good night’s rest.


    If you haven’t tried a weighted blanket yet, you’re missing out. Weight is evenly distributed throughout the stitching of the blanket, making it feel as though you’re being hugged as you sleep. This blanket uses glass beads for the weight distribution rather than fibre, so that you can use it all year round without feeling too hot.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $99.90.

    5. This bathtub caddy tray that will bring your self-care game to another level.


    This caddy also comes with a built-in flip-up frame so that you can prop up your book, iPad or Kindle. It also has a wine glass opening and room for candles, razors and other goodies.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $41.99.

    6. This tea infuser bottle so you can make delicious infused waters rather than reaching for a coffee or soft drink.

    Made by Fressko

    This bottle includes a built-in strainer for easy infusing and is double-walled with borosilicate glass so that your cold drinks stay cold.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $49.95.

    7. This Kindle to help with your resolution of reading more books.


    There are a tonne of free Kindle e-books on Amazon to get you started!

    This Kindle features an in-built light so that you can continue reading into the night.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $139.

    8. Or if you prefer to listen to your books, Audible is an excellent service and you get a free audiobook when you join!

    9. This set of reusable, eco-friendly shopping bags that fold up small, so that you can keep them on hand for those impromptu shopping trips.


    These bags are big enough to carry a load of groceries, while small enough to fit into a little crossbody bag.

    Buy a set of five from Amazon Australia for $34.88.

    10. This cordless vacuum that will make the most mundane chore actually fun.


    This vacuum is cordless and can detach to turn into a handheld cleaner in seconds. It picks up pet hair easily and we won’t judge you for using it as a lint roller.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $169.

    11. These compartmentalised reusable lunchboxes that you can fill with your meal prep food.


    The compartments in these make it easy to seperate the different components of the meals you’re making, which immediately makes those meals more appetising. It’ll also eliminate any excuses for eating out, which is unhealthy for you and your bank account. They're also microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

    Buy a set of ten from Amazon Australia for $23.95.

    12. And this ridiculously trendy lunch bag so you don’t have to carry around that old paper shopping bag, or a hideous thermal bag.


    This bag is insulated, which means your lunch will stay hot or cold. And just by looking at it from the outside, you can hardly tell that it's an actual lunch bag.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $25.99.

    13. This vacuum insulated water bottle that will encourage you to drink water.


    This bottle keeps water cold for 24 hours, and cold water means you’ll probably drink more of it, because let’s be real, nobody wants lukewarm water. It’s slip-free, leak-free and is finished with a powder coat which means no condensation.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $34.99.

    14. This wake-up light alarm clock that simulates the sunrise for a more natural awakening.


    This alarm clock gradually gets brighter during a 30 minute period before your actual alarm goes off, so that by the time it does, you’re ready hop out of bed.

    It also includes sleep aid sounds for bedtime like the ocean, rain, water drops and white noise, as well as natural sounds for you to wake up to like birds singing, a bell ringing or water flowing.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $54.99.

    15. This compact slow cooker so that you can have homemade, low fuss dinners every night.


    Not only will this guy help with your meal prep goals, but it's so easy to use, you'll prefer it to ordering food.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $39.95.

    16. This eco-friendly brush shampoo that will clean your tools for better makeup application and clearer skin.


    We’re all guilty of avoiding cleaning our brushes, but the end of a decade is the perfect moment to switch out those bad habits. This cleaner is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic and it’s free from nasty chemicals like paragons, petroleum based ingredients and phthalates.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $19.95.

    17. This budget planner so that you can finally save up for those travel plans you’ve been dreaming of.


    Writing down your goals and assessing them every once in a while is the perfect way to stay on track and eventually reward yourself with something great, because YOU DESERVE IT.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $13.91.

    18. This rotatable mandolin slicer to make slicing and dicing veggies even easier.


    This tool has three slicers that you can use for cheese, veggies, and anything else your heart desires. It's also a lot less work and less dangerous than a regular mandolin slicer and you'll get the same results!

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $47.18.

    19. And finally, some SPF 50+ facial sunscreen because it's about damn time you start thinking about a proper skin care routine

    @larocheposayaunz / Via Instagram: @larocheposayaunz

    This sunscreen is tinted, so that you can use it in the place of your BB cream while protecting the hell out of your precious skin. It’s also anti-shine and dry to the touch, so you don’t have to worry about being greasy.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $22.39.

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