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    Here Are 7 Things You Can Do Right Now That Don't Include Staring Out The Window

    Let's talk about the magic of mushrooms.

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    1. Watch The Midnight Gospel.


    If you haven't heard of The Midnight Gospel yet, it's a show from two great minds: The creator of Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward, and also Duncan Trussell, who is a comedian and host of The Duncan Trussell Family Hour podcast. The show is based around the life of Clancy, who is an intergalactic traveller (think Rick and Morty) who interviews the beings of these universes for his spacecasts. These ~interviews~ are actually audio clips from Trussell's podcast. They're enlightening, broadening and explore philosophical topics you won't be able to stop thinking about for a long time.

    The narratives are represented visually however, they're disconnected from the dialogue — which can sometimes make it feel like what you're watching is completely different to what you're hearing. This means you kind of trip out as you're watching it, but in the best way. For anyone who's been exploring philosophy and the mysteries of the universe during this time— like I've been, I can't recommend it enough.

    Watch it on Netflix.

    2. Read Fantastic Fungi.


    This book is based on the incredibly documentary by Louie Schwartzberg that explores how important, interesting and historic the world of fungi (pronounced fun-ji) is. The official book includes 400 gorgeous shots of the various types of fungi that can expand your consciousness, heal you and allow the environment to flourish. I was personally shocked and appalled that I had no idea how vital and wonderful fungi and mushrooms are.

    If you want to watch the documentary, it's not available on streaming platforms yet, but you can rent or buy it from the Fantastic Fungi website.

    Buy the hardcover from Amazon Australia for $48.16 or get the Kindle edition for $21.99.

    3. Get the Jackbox Party Pack.


    If you haven't played any of the Jackbox games yet, you're honestly missing out. It takes all the fun and competitiveness of board games and puts them on the big screen. Plus, because your phone is your controller, you don't have to worry about needing enough for everyone to play.

    For a fun extra, you can play virtually with your friends using Kast or by live-streaming your screen on Skype or FaceTime and everyone can use their phones to play remotely.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $33.74.

    4. Make the best ever chocolate chip cookies.

    BuzzFeed / Tasty

    Tasty went on a quest to figure out how to make life-changing cookies and lucky for all of us, they succeeded. Make your own delicious pile of cookies to share— or not share with your self-isolation buddies by using this guide!

    5. Revisit your favourite childhood games.


    My colleague, Zeta, and her brother, Rein, revisited a bunch of games you definitely played growing up — and honestly, I absolutely forgot how fun they could be. You could definitely play these games with your family, your housemates or with yourself (kidding) for a great source of entertainment. Add your own spin with new rules, penalties or prizes for higher stakes.

    Watch the video Zeta made here!

    6. Meditate with Diddy on Audible.


    That's right. You can listen to Diddy talking you through a meditation session on Audible. It's oddly soothing and I absolutely recommend hitting play on this audiobook before bed to doze off in no time at all. You can even listen to a clip of the book here if you want to know what it would sound like to have him guide you to sleep.

    Listen on Audible for free until the 21st of May here.

    7. And finally, follow Samuel Leighton-Dore (@samleightondore) on Instagram.

    @samleightondore / Via

    Not just a visual artist, Sam is an incredibly talented film director and writer. His Instagram is full of gorgeous illustrations you'll want to plaster all over your living space immediately. He's a force in the LGBTIQA+ and his book, How To Be A Big Strong Man explores the implications of masculinity and how it is a poorly constructed myth that negative impacts people's lives.

    When you're done scrolling through his Instagram page, visit his website to see more of his gorgeous art.

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