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    18 Products That Will Change Your Cleaning Game Forever

    "Alexa, play me a kick ass cleaning playlist."

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pumice cleaning stone that will keep you from cringing with embarrassment every time someone asks to use your bathroom.


    This reusable stone gets rid of those hideous dark yellow rings and hard water stains without scratching your surfaces. Plus, this one comes with a drain snake, so you can take care of that clogged up drain too!

    Buy a two-pack from Amazon Australia for $24.99.

    2. An extendable duster that you can use to tackle that stray spiderweb that's been hanging out in the corner of your living room since you moved in.


    This microfibre duster comes on an extension pole, so that you're not going to be risking your life on a ladder to clean a ceiling fan. It's also super easy to clean — you just pop the duster off and give it a scrub in the sink with warm water.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $21.52.

    3. A stainless steel cleaning cloth, which will keep you from screaming internally every time someone presses their grubby fingers to your favourite appliances.


    This cloth will get rid of fingerprints, dirt and grime and will leave your surfaces shining with no streaks — and all you need is water!

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $11.95.

    4. This no scrub gel stain remover that will destroy your mould and mildew problems — just don't use it on your ex, as tempted as you might be.


    There are likely stains on your shower wall you had no idea could be removed, but this gel will take care of them all — you won't even need to scrub! Just don't forget to wear gloves when you use it — this stuff is super potent.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $21.99.

    5. A water bottle cleaning tablet, which will finally get rid of that funky smell you've been ignoring.


    These tablets kill germs and bacteria, therefore effectively removing any weird smells or tastes that might have appeared over time.

    Buy a 30 pack from Amazon Australia for $14.52.

    6. A scrub attachment for your drill, so that you never end up having to scrub on your hands and knees for hours on end again.


    These scrubbers fit onto any drill and get it all done in ~record time~. You can use them in bathrooms, on your floors and even on the wheels of your car!

    Buy a two pack from Amazon Australia for $30.22.

    7. A deodorising drain stick, which will make avoiding doing dishes because of the smell a thing of the past.


    These strips deodorise your drains, but they also break down organic matter and grease that cling to the sides of your pipes. Farewell gross smells!

    Buy a 12 pack from Amazon Australia for $8.99.

    8. A drain snake to unclog your drain, because deep down we're all the girl from The Grudge.


    These drain snakes use ridged edges to catch all the hair and gunk from your drains and essentially expose you for the monster you are.

    Buy a four pack from Amazon Australia for $7.99.

    9. And then ensure you're keeping it clean with a sink shroom, that will catch loose hairs before they can form knots in your drain!


    This shroom goes inside your sink and collects hair neatly over time. So long as you clear it out regularly, you'll never suffer from blocked drains again!

    Buy a two pack from Amazon Australia for $28.99.

    10. An eco-friendly pet hair roller that doesn't need any sheets or refills, so you can use it again and again without having to break out the vacuum cleaner.


    You can use this roller on furniture, carpets, clothes and anything else in your house that gets covered in your furry friend's hair.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $9.99.

    11. And if you need help with more, ahem, ~smelly~ situations caused by your pets, this odour eliminating cleaner, which will leave your carpets and upholstery fresh and fabulous.


    If you have pets that love to hang out inside, then this cleaner is for you. It removes deep stains and neutralises odours, so you don't have to worry about ripping up your carpet and replacing it if your place is starting to smell a bit funky. It also contains Scotchgard™ to prevent further stains.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $19.

    12. An eco-friendly surface cleaner that works harder than Kris Jenner.


    There's no way your household appliances didn't get obliterated after the holidays. You can use this stuff to clean off soap scum from tiles, grout, bathtubs, sinks, hotplates, your oven, glass and shower screens. Plus, it can even be used to remove rush stains and residue build up.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $28.

    13. A hand held vacuum, which you can grab and use the next time your parents call and say they're coming over out of the blue.


    This handheld vacuum has incredible sucking power and it's super easy to empty, so you won't be making another mess you'll have to clean up.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $44.97.

    14. A keyboard cleaning jelly to finally give your poor electronics a refresh after you've spent months eating your lunch over them.


    This cleaning jelly is made of soft gum and is non-toxic and biodegradable. It's totally safe on your skin, so you can have a great time playing with it and put an end to sticky keys forever.

    Buy a four pack from Amazon Australia for $12.65.

    15. A silicone cleaning mat, so that you can finally clean those crusty brushes you're too embarrassed to use in front of anyone.


    The different ridges on this mat help you clean all different types of brushes and suction cups on the back allow you to stick it to the bottom of your sink — so you can really go to town. This one even comes with a makeup remover cloth, so you can forego disposable makeup wipes forever.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $16.95.

    16. And use it with this makeup brush shampoo because sometimes water is just not enough.


    This stuff is cruelty-free, plant-based and paraben free. You can use it to clean your brushes and beauty blenders, so that makeup application will become easier and you won't be putting bad bacteria all over your face every time you use them — therefore reducing breakouts!

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $19.95.

    17. A mop that uses microfibre cloths to clean floors rather than those pesky floor cleaner wipes that are full of chemicals.


    This mop comes with three microfibre cloths and a scrubber for the cloths, so you can remove any bits that may have been caught from the floor. They're double-sided — the beige side is perfect for waxing wooden floors.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $36.99.

    18. And lastly, a pack of microfibre cloths that absorb water without scratching surfaces or leaving streaks.


    Use them on your car, your windows, stainless steel surfaces, wood furniture and basically anything else you can think of.

    Buy a pack of 24 from Amazon Australia for $20.99.

    Now go off and be the clean freak you were always destined to be.