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    Just 15 Games That Are A Guaranteed Cure For Boredom

    It's family game night, every night!

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    1. Jenga, because no home is complete without a set of these little blocks to get the party started.

    @jenga / Via

    Jenga is one of the most classic boardgames β€” though it's not technically played on a board β€” to ever exist. It can be a game of strategy, patience and balance, or you can tape "truth or dare" prompts to the bottom of the blocks for an extra level of fun.

    Buy it from Catch for $25.

    2. Uno, so you can master the "Reverse", "Skip" and "Pick Up Four" combo and transform into the ultimate Uno master.

    @uno / Via

    Uno has to be the only card game that is a total crowd pleaser, at all times. Break out this deck and you'll be everyone's new best friend β€” that is, until you hit them with the "Pick Up Four" card, of course. Just remember to say "Uno" when you've got a single card left!

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $7.

    3. Boggle, which will allow you to stimulate your mind and give your eyes a break from staring at a screen all day.

    @gwenandwear / Via

    I can't be the only person who obsessed over this game as a child. In my opinion, Boggle is way cooler and far more fun than Scrabble. At least for people who are super impatient, like myself. This fast-paced word game is perfect for getting everyone involved.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $13.

    4. Codenames, because sometimes a round of Mafia isn't enough to get you into the sneaky spirit.


    Codenames is a word-association game with super simple rules that are easy to follow. The game itself is complex and captivating, keeping you and your isolation buddies entertained for hours. It can get super competitive, so make sure you and your fellow players have a safe word for hurt feelings, or let your competitive natures run wild and free β€” I'm not the boss of you!

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $21.

    5. A two-pack of playing cards that have endless opportunities for hours of fun.

    @officialbicyclecards / Via

    Whether your game is poker, blackjack, bullshit, snap, go fish or any other one of the variety of card games out there, Bicycle always makes playing cards that feel really good in your hands, are easy to shuffle and last for ages.

    Buy the set from Amazon Australia for $9.90.

    6. Cards Against Humanity, which will force your fellow players to be brutally honest about how funny you aren't.

    @cardsagainsthumanity / Via

    The first time I played Cards Against Humanity, I was confused about how it worked. But as soon as I figured it out, I was desperate to come up with the funniest combos for whoever's turn it was. Sometimes I'm spot on and at other times I am well off β€” although it's still a great time either way.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $35.

    7. Yahtzee, because sometimes all you need to have a good time are a few blocks of dice and a scorecard.

    prabhatnexgen / Via

    Yahtzee is one of those games you think you know how to play, but when it's brought out, you realise you have no idea what you're doing. The truth is, you can play Yahtzee one of two ways. You can either go ham on the dice rolling and hope for the best, or you can play strategically and to win. Either way, it's thoroughly enjoyable and will have the hours flying by.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $14.50.

    8. Exploding Kittens, which is super interactive and entertaining, while also allowing you to flex your competitive side.

    @_jogosdomundo / Via

    Exploding Kittens is so much more fun than it's given credit for. The rules and cards you play with are similar to Uno, however the stakes are higher and the payoff is so much more satisfying. You can die (lose the game) in an instant if you draw an 'exploding kitten', but there are ways around it β€” and the ability for you to sabotage your fellow players.

    Buy it from Catch for $44.10.

    9. A tarot deck, which is perfect for you to teach yourself how to read your destiny.


    Similar to the ouija board, before tarot was used as a divination tool, it was a card game for people to create their own fun narratives. But they soon realised that the tales the cards were telling were scarily accurate to what they had experienced. There's no time like the present to learn how to give yourself and others the gift of a little spiritual guidance. This deck has gorgeous illustrations and a guidebook to help you out.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $31.84.

    10. Trivial Pursuit, so that you can spend hours boasting about how great your general knowledge is.


    Now that you can't pop to the pub for a fun game of trivia, it's time to break out this game β€” which in my opinion, is incredibly underrated. This version of the game features adult and kids cards, so that everyone can play using their appropriate levels of knowledge.

    Buy it on Amazon Australia for $39.

    11. Unstable Unicorns, which features some pretty badass unicorns that can destroy your friends' lives.


    It's not often you find a card game that combines the cuteness of something like unicorns and the competitive levels of a game like Monopoly. One thing is for sure, this card game will definitely test your friendships.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $23.50.

    12. The We Do Game that's designed to encourage less screen time.


    If you're isolating with children, this is perfect for you. This card game includes 30 different activities that the whole family can get involved with. They're an opportunity for toddlers to get creative, use their imagination and increase their sensory skills β€” all while spending quality time with their family.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $39.95.

    13. Monopoly, but the "ultimate banking" edition, which has higher stakes and more curveballs to keep the game interesting.


    If classic Monopoly just isn't doing it for you anymore, this is the way to go. The game comes with a an electronic reader, bank cards with chips and variable rent depending on the situations around you, for example, if a celebrity moves in next door.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $49.

    14. Guess Who, decidedly the most classic guessing board game to ever exist.


    All it takes is a few "yes" or "no" answers to discover each character. It's super easy and loads of fun for everyone (especially when a little alcohol gets involved for the adults!). It's also a game you can play over isolation, so get one for you and your virtual buddy.

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $21.95.

    15. And finally, Hungry Hungry Hippos, because we all need to release a little pent up energy and if that includes smashing a button to eat all the little balls, so be it.


    Hungry Hungry Hippos was my favourite game as a child, because I could hit the game as hard and fast as I could without anyone getting mad at me for destroying something. It's incredibly fun and easy to understand, but it does get scarily competitive, so keep your cool!

    Buy it from Amazon Australia for $25.

    Me, when someone tells me they don't like playing board games:

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