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    Just 15 Games That Are A Guaranteed Cure For Boredom

    It's family game night, every night!

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    1. Jenga, because no home is complete without a set of these little blocks to get the party started.

    2. Uno, so you can master the "Reverse", "Skip" and "Pick Up Four" combo and transform into the ultimate Uno master.

    3. Boggle, which will allow you to stimulate your mind and give your eyes a break from staring at a screen all day.

    4. Codenames, because sometimes a round of Mafia isn't enough to get you into the sneaky spirit.

    5. A two-pack of playing cards that have endless opportunities for hours of fun.

    6. Cards Against Humanity, which will force your fellow players to be brutally honest about how funny you aren't.

    7. Yahtzee, because sometimes all you need to have a good time are a few blocks of dice and a scorecard.

    8. Exploding Kittens, which is super interactive and entertaining, while also allowing you to flex your competitive side.

    9. A tarot deck, which is perfect for you to teach yourself how to read your destiny.

    10. Trivial Pursuit, so that you can spend hours boasting about how great your general knowledge is.

    11. Unstable Unicorns, which features some pretty badass unicorns that can destroy your friends' lives.

    12. The We Do Game that's designed to encourage less screen time.

    13. Monopoly, but the "ultimate banking" edition, which has higher stakes and more curveballs to keep the game interesting.

    14. Guess Who, decidedly the most classic guessing board game to ever exist.

    15. And finally, Hungry Hungry Hippos, because we all need to release a little pent up energy and if that includes smashing a button to eat all the little balls, so be it.

    Me, when someone tells me they don't like playing board games:

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