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    Here Are 16 Australian Products You Can Snatch Up On Amazon Australia

    Support your fellow 'strayans!

    1. This buttercream vanilla scented soy candle that will have your home smelling like a French patisserie.

    2. This kunzea balm which is a 100% natural pain reliever that doesn't actually burn your skin on contact.

    3. This wool quilt that will keep you unbelievably warm during the cold winter months.

    4. This natural deodorant that will protect you from B.O. without irritating your skin.

    5. And this armpit detox mask to get your pits ready for using natural deodorant.

    6. This oil spray that will restore the magnesium levels in your body.

    7. This SPF 30 tinted sunscreen that's non-greasy and anti-ageing.

    8. This pack of beeswax food wraps that will keep your food fresh and sealed, while helping reduce your waste.

    9. This shampoo that's perfect for colour-treated hair.

    10. These UGG Boots that are made of premium Australian sheepskin.

    11. This super green juice powder that's an easy way to add 12 superfoods to your diet every day.

    12. This TiTree spirit rub that will help eliminate flu symptoms so that you feel a little better even if you feel the worst.

    13. This Australian pink clay face mask that will detoxify and cleanse your skin, allowing you to be your best self.

    14. This maternity pillow that's super soft and the best thing to sleep with, regardless of whether you're with child or not.

    15. The vegan papaya lip balm that will give you the softest lips you've ever had in your life.

    16. And finally, these adorable teether rings that would make a perfect baby shower gift.

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