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    We Spoke To Angelo Marasigan About Being Nominated For TikTok Creator Of The Year

    Sometimes I sit back thinking "is this really what I get to do?"

    There aren't a lot of people who don't know who Angelo Marasigan is, but just incase you've been residing beneath a fine rock under the sea, let me give you the rundown.

    I'm personally a huge fan of his work (and not just because he's an honorary BuzzFeeder), so when I was offered an opportunity to chat with him about his career and his exciting nomination, I couldn't help myself.

    I wanted to start at the very beginning and find out where Angelo's content journey began, but also dive into what drives him and inspires his content. 

    Here's how it went:

    Is TikTok the first platform you started creating content on? What prompted you to start, or is this something you’ve always been passionate about?

    Angelo: I actually started creating content on YouTube and Vine when I was still in school. This was definitely my main hobby growing up, as it was a great outlet for me to unleash my creativity and share my passions in comedy. This was all for fun — something to enjoy and take a breather from the daily grind of school. I had a very small audience on those channels, it would mainly be my friends and family who viewed the videos.

    It was when I started posting on TikTok that I really saw how many people had an interest in my content. My first ever viral video was me doing voice impressions, and ever since then I’ve branched out to more video formats, specifically in the comedy and vlogging space. 

    On my channel now, I create videos with my sister, Lexy Marasigan, where we make all sorts of content that features our sibling dynamic — including reality TV show parodies, challenge videos, travel vlogs and food videos. I only started content creating as a "job/business" last year — and I'm super grateful for all the opportunities that it has brought me.


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    What would you describe as the moment you realised that you were on the path to something bigger — and that you were going to blow up?

    Angelo: I’d say the moment I realised this was when many of my favourite creators and celebrities were interacting with my content — whether it be a like, comment or follow. 

    They're a big reason for why I’m creating content in the first place — and it's such a surreal feeling to know that the people I look up to also love my content!

    Describe your first encounter with your community IRL. Was it surreal? How does it compare to the way you interact with fans now?

    Angelo: I actually do remember my first encounter with my online community in real life. I was at a shopping centre and someone around my age approached me asking for a selfie. I found that really strange because that has never happened to me out of the blue before. 

    But as I grew on social media, it started happening more often. The way it compares to how I interact now with supporters is very different. There’s a lot more interaction now when I’m out in public, and I love making conversation, taking selfies and interacting with everyone. 

    Sometimes I come across people screaming my name, which I find so wholesome and funny a lot of the time. 

    As a person of colour, I’ve always thought that one of the toughest barriers to break when it comes to being a creator — or anyone with a wider platform to the mass public — is that there aren’t a lot of people to look up to or use to plan our path ahead. Especially in Australia.

    What was that experience like for you, now that you’ve carved a path and space that younger creators who relate to you can be inspired by?

    Angelo: I wanted to show younger aspiring creators that you can do just about anything you want, regardless of your background.

    Growing up, there were rarely any Filipino or [POC] creators, in Australia at least, so it's such a surreal and good feeling to know that I can be that person to inspire people not only in the country, but all around the world to just chase for their dreams and not let anything about their physical attributes restrict them from doing so. 

    Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome as your channel began to grow and you and your name became more recognisable? How did you navigate this?

    Angelo: I had imposter syndrome when I first started to grow on social media. When more and more people started to know me by my real name "Angelo", instead of the previous "funny guy on TikTok", there was a bit of pressure to constantly present myself the same way I do on social media. Throughout the journey I have learned more to differentiate the business and personal aspects of my life.

    The other times I’ve experienced imposter syndrome were at the various work trips I’ve been on — the idea of being flown out by a lot of the brands I love has definitely given me a few out-of-body experiences. 

    Sometimes I sit back thinking "is this really what I get to do?". I actively reflect on my journey and recognise how much has changed for me in the last year. 

    Did you have to convince Lexy to be a part of your videos, or has she always been enthusiastic about collaborating with you?

    Lexy and I used to make videos together growing up, so she has always been on board for any content together. We used to create mini music videos, skits and movie trailers, so it's very natural for her to be involved in my content.

    We feel that [collaborating] has made us closer and have a stronger relationship, because we get to go through this journey together — and have someone to talk to and relate to regarding everything about the job. 

    And finally, there’s no question that your platform is impressive and incredibly inspiring. So much so that you’ve been nominated as Creator of the Year! Aside from the win — which we’re manifesting — what’s next for Angelo Marasigan? Where do you want this to take you?

    I’m hoping to delve into other forms of media, because I have such a genuine passion for many branches of the entertainment industry.

    My passions include voice acting, acting, hosting, singing and dancing, so I hope to work on some exciting stuff that involves them soon!

    We absolutely hope to see Angelo in movies, music and everything in between in the future. For now? We'll satisfy our fix with his incredible content on TikTok.

    Voting is now open for the 2023 TikTok Awards, presented by CeraVe until December 1. Get on over and support your favourite creators now!

    Note: Responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.