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    16 Reasons Why Sleepovers As An Adult Are The Best

    🎵So come on and sleepover! 🎵

    1. First, welcome your guests with matching pyjamas that will keep them cosy all night.

    2. And make sure you include bed socks in the selection to make sure their feet are cosy AF.

    3. Provide your guests with a gorgeous cheese board featuring all their favourites.

    4. Pair your chosen nibbles with a fruity wine served in cute, novelty glasses.

    5. Then set your guests up for a night of pampering by dipping their feet into a luxurious salt bath.

    6. Use these adorable folding buckets, which are perfect for foot soaks!

    7. Use this set, with all the basics, to give yourself the perfect manicure.

    8. Then add a little colour with a gel polish kit. You'll be able to get back to quality slumber party activities in no time because it dries your nails ASAP.

    9. Set up classic cocktail ingredients and a cocktail shaker set, so guests can DIY some delicious drinks.

    10. Play a game that's a step above the classic truth or dare.

    11. Have a slime making competition with a slime kit, to see who can make the most satisfying goo.

    12. Use a smartphone printer to create instant memories that your guests can take home.

    13. DIY some face masks specific to your various skin types with a sheet mask kit.

    14. Make everyone's hair shine, with this deep conditioning hair mask.

    15. And lock the mask in place with wholesome, adorable shower caps.

    16. And for the last moisturising step, hand out some lip sleeping masks for everyone to apply.

    Now that every part of you is pampered and soft, kick back and enjoy the rest of the night with your pals!