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    15 Extremely Virgo Things That Every Virgo Will Froth Over

    If there's one thing a Virgo doesn't need in their life, it's clutter.

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    If you're friends with a Virgo or two, you'll know that they're possibly one of the sweetest, softest star signs to exist.


    But on the other hand, they're also responsible people and extremely hard workers, which makes them almost IMPOSSIBLE to shop for.


    Apparently candles and soap are ~impractical~.

    It's Virgo season, so here's a list of things that might help you out.

    And if a Virgo is reading this...RIP your wallet.

    1. A bullet journal set, so their notes can be organised and aesthetically pleasing.


    Because if anyone can pull this off, it's a Virgo.

    PRICE: $43.14 for a journal, 15 coloured pens, five stencils, six sticker sheets and six rolls of washi tape.

    2. And a cute little desk organiser to match.


    This is perfect for avoiding clutter on your desk.

    PRICE: $56.73 for a six piece set.

    3. A notebook dedicated to budgets, because some things need to be written down.

    @cleverfoxplanner / Via Instagram

    Finance can be kind of boring, so make sure their planner is a gorgeous colour to keep them ~invested~.

    PRICE: $33.18

    4. And a daily planner pad to keep track of everything else.


    When everything feels like it's all too much, writing it down can really make it easier to understand.

    PRICE: $33.10 for a 50 sheet pad.

    5. A few travel cubes to help keep their luggage organised.


    These handy little bags allow you to split up your items into categories and even come with a laundry bag so you can keep track of what's clean and what isn't.

    PRICE: $28.95 for three clothing organisers, one bra and underwear bag, one flat pocket, one draw pocket and one shoe bag.

    6. And if they love going on holiday, get them a travel wallet to keep all their things in one place.


    These are soooo helpful, especially when dealing with long haul international flights.

    PRICE: $24.99

    7. A make-up organiser for their vanity, so they can feel more grown up.


    This present will absolutely have them saying a little prayer for you the moment they wake up. Before they put on their make-up.

    PRICE: $33.18

    8. A handbag insert, which will help keep their expensive and impractical tote bag in order.


    No longer will you have to play "lucky dip" with their possessions when they ask you to grab their lippy.

    PRICE: $34.88 for a large insert.

    9. A skincare fridge, which is just perfect for fitting in their 12-step Korean skincare routine products.


    These are certainly an investment, but you know they'll love you forever for thinking of it!

    PRICE: $376.74 for a 12L refrigerator.

    10. An expanding folder, which will help organise all their important documents and cement your title as the ~thoughtful friend~.


    It might seem like a boring gift but it's hella practical. And we all know that practically is every Virgo's weakness.

    PRICE: $18.19

    11. A stash of pretty labels to help them organise their kitchen the way they've always dreamed of.


    Bonus points if you get labels that are pre-written, so they don't have to worry about their handwriting.

    $28.20 for 100 labels

    12. A chalkboard calendar wall decal because Virgos love showing off how productive they are.


    This one doesn't take up much space AND has big squares so they can note down all the gritty details!

    PRICE: $49.99

    13. A laundry divider, so you can help them sort their dirty laundry rather than airing it out.


    They'll like it so much that you'll (hopefully) be able to convince them to do ~your~ laundry too.

    PRICE: $33.18

    14. And while you're at it, a laundry folder that will keep those t-shirts as neat as they are in-store.


    Those crisp t-shirt stacks are what dreams are made of.

    PRICE: $20.99

    15. And finally, a recipe box that will actually make them ~want~ to cook all your favourite meals.


    Take it one step further and add a recipe for brownies. Fingers crossed they get the hint and cook them for you!

    PRICE: $24.75

    Happy Virgo Season Angels!