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The 10 Stages Of A College Hangover, As Told By Your Favorite Celebrities

Stars: they’re just like us!

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Stage 1: You first wake up and are thirsty AF. Any and every liquid in arm's reach will do.


Stage 2: You reach for your phone, nervously scrolling through the pictures you barely remember taking and the Snapchat stories you barely remember posting.

Stage 3: You make an initial attempt at crawling out of bed, which doesn't work all too well. The migraine and dizziness come at you all at once.


Stage 4: You run to the nearest bathroom for Tylenol, Advil, Motrin- whatever medicine you can find. A quick and unavoidable glance in the mirror makes the situation so much worse.


Stage 5: You meet your roommates in a central location to recap the night. When informed of all of the embarrassing things you said and did, you vow to "never drink again."

Stage 6: You now feel needy, regretful, and vulnerable, and use your emotions to your advantage. You test the waters, exploring how much you can accomplish with minimal movement.

Stage 7: Naturally, you and the squad go for brunch. As you shove carbs, carbs, and more carbs down your throat, you begin to feel only slightly more alive.

Stage 8: You allot yourself an unnecessary amount of time to digest, and then hit the gym. As the alcohol drips endlessly from your pores, you begin to question why you ever came.

Stage 9: Your hangover has now transitioned from indescribale pain to full-on exhaustion. At this point, a power nap is your best and only option.

Stage 10: You awake from the dead - for the second time today - feeling the most normal you've felt in 24 hours. Someone mentions the word "party" and you're suddenly yet unbelievably ready for round two.

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