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17 Things People With Big Hands Know All Too Well

Some may argue we've got the whole world in our hands, but here is some critical evidence that proves having big hands is actually the worst thing.

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2. Even if you like it, you shouldn't put a ring on it

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Sure, getting your finger stuck in a ring while trying it on in a store happens to people with normal hands too. But it happens to us routinely and it just plain hurts.

6. Shirts with wrist buttons

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There is a time loss that is incurred because of all the extra buttons that have to be fastened and unfastened to accommodate our excessive paws. That is time we will never, ever recover.

8. Rock, Paper, Scissors Hurt

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There are many large-handed children finding themselves at a disadvantage in art class because their fingers get stuck in the scissors. Who has time for that?

9. If it doesn't fit, you just deal with it

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All the gloves are hard. Those run of the mill gloves that every drug store sells go on as far as my second knuckle, no joke.

13. Alanis makes it sound so easy

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It is hard to seem casual and laid back when you can't fit more than a fingernail into your pant pockets. A pair of pants with big enough pockets is coveted.

14. Ceramics 101

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How about those mugs where you can only get one finger in the handle (if that)? Most people with large hands resort to slurping their drink out of the mug like a dog.

15. Bull in Barbie's China shop

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Barbie's dreamhouse was a place of nightmares for little girls with big hands. So were dollhouses, and Polly Pocket. Remember that tiny toy from the 90s? I will never forget the emotional toll that Polly took on me.

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