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    How To Be A Warhawk With Haley

    Hey new Warhawks!! Hope you're excited to learn all about UW-Whitewater and all the opportunities waiting for you. All you have to do is ignite a spark to start a flame. #TeamIGNITE

    Welcome to the Team!


    "Purpose is the reason you journey. Passion is the fire that lights your way."


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    Expectations for today and notecards!

    Hello, It's me.....

    I'm Haley! I'm a Human Health and Performance Major from Kenosha, WI. I cannot believe I'm already a senior. I hope to go to grad school for physical therapy in the future! My biggest passions are pursuing my bucket list and I absolutely love the outdoors!

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    * Hometown

    * Major

    * Fun Fact

    The First Year Experience


    The First Year Experience office is dedicated to making your first year at Whitewater amazing. They offer a 1 credit class called New Student Seminar. Some New Student Seminar classes are connected with Learning Communities, which is when you live on the same floor as other first year students in your major and take similar classes together.

    The Hawk Squad are your orientation leaders guiding you throughout Plan-It Purple and the rest of your transition! We created FYE4U YouTube videos, that will be sent out to you every Monday starting December 26th about everything we thought you should know before you get to campus!

    Get Connected with Us on Social Media


    CLUB-U-DUB-DUB is the week-long spring orientation the takes place on January 16-20th. There you will meet your Peer Mentor and your Club group who will guide you through the week and get you acclimated to campus so you're ready for the first day of classes on January 17th. You will participate in tons of awesome activities like crafting, karaoke, FREE bowling, a hypnotist and my personal favorite: BINGO!!!!

    Register on the UWW FYE page!

    Traditions in Team Ignite

    Warhawk Cribs with University Housing


    Roommate Information can be viewed on the housing contract portal.

    Students can bring a 900 watt microwave and a 4.7 Cubic feet fridge that's about waist high.

    Beds can be lofted by renting a loft through (as seen in picture above), bunked, or raised.

    Every floor has 1-2 Resident Assistants who are there to be a resource for you for anything from how do I get my T.V. to work to more serious issues like roommate disputes. They are supervised by Complex Directors and Assistant Complex Directors who over see conduct in the halls.

    NEW: Laundry is now built into your on campus housing fees's FREE!!

    What are you bringing?!

    The Most Important Piece of Plastic You Will Ever Own...


    Your Hawk Card!

    Don't lose it! It is your residence hall access, meal plan, library card, gym membership, access to all Varsity sporting events, and more! You can also upload purple points to use at various off campus locations like Culver's and Cost Cutters.

    You Will Never Starve When You Dine On Campus


    There are 14 different dining locations on campus including 2 all you care to eat buffet style dining halls on campus, Esker and Drumlin, both have sandwhich shops and convient stores in the basement of those buildings, plus many others located in the University Center and various academic buildings.

    The most common fixed meal plan on campus is 14 meals and $100 dining dollars. Meals do NOT roll over reset every Monday morning at 4:00 am. Dining dollars expire at the end of spring semester. If you bring guests to campus, you can use a meal swipe on them starting on Thursday! Meal plans can be changed during weeks 2 and 3 of fall semester.

    *There is a dietitian at the information orbit at the end of the day if you have questions about dietary restrictions!

    Parking at UWW!


    Resident lots: $208 for spring semester

    Lot 24: Sold out for spring semester

    Commuter lots: $80 for spring semester

    Mopeds and Motorcycles: $30

    Bikes: FREE.....Bike lockers are $50 to use during the academic year and can help protect your bike against the elements!
    FREE parking on weekends!
    No car? No problem!

    There are many other transportation services offered at low cost to students like bus lines to Madison and Milwaukee, enterprise rent-a-car system and the Varsity Vans.

    Safety First!


    University Police are a great resource to utilize when you need them. They can be reached at (262) 472-4660.

    * 22 Blue Light Phones
    * Escorts
    * Lock outs
    * Jump car
    * Bike Registration

    Staying Healthy


    UWW offers FREE health and counselling appointments that you can schedule online! The only costs to you are if you need any lab tests done or a massage.

    Warhawk Fitness


    The weight room, pool, field house and gymnasiums are located in the Williams Center. Weight Room memberships for the spring semester are $65 and they include access to the weight room and all the fitness classes! If you would like to purchase a membership, go to Room 100 in the Williams Center.

    Academic Support Services for Success


    UWW offers....FREE Tutoring! There are also Supplemental Instructors that sit in on classes and provide study sessions outside of class to help you understand the material! There's also a math lab and writing lab in the tutoring center!

    Coming Soon: New tutoring center!!

    Your second home....the Library!


    Anderson Library has great resources for students like...

    * 2 Quiet floors and 1 talking floor

    * A cafe

    * Circulation desk that helps you find any book you need

    * collaboration rooms for group projects

    * technology to rent out for presentations or making videos

    * free black and white printing

    * treadmill desk!

    Textbook Rental


    Yes.... it's fo FREE*!!!

    *Built into tuition

    Your Peer Mentor will take you to so you can get text books or Warhawk gear!

    Do Your Thing on Campus!


    There are over 200 student organizations, 30 different Club Sports and 30 different Intramural sports to join on campus! Involvement Fair, Club Sports Awareness Day and UWWConnect are great ways to find these orgs.

    Put yourself out there! You never know what might spark your interests!

    On Campus Activities!

    Craig Schreiner / Via

    There are numerous activities on campus like attending Varsity sporting events...and did I mention there are free with your hawk card!

    Every weekend the University Center has movies for $1, karaoke and other live performances, plus other events like laser tag, comedians, hypnotists, or mini golf.

    Plus students get discount tickets for shows at Young Auditorium!

    For More Information...


    Schedule Time

    New Student Seminar

    Craig Schreiner

    1 credit class offered to new students taught by their Peer Mentor and a faculty member. It helps teach college success strategies, build connections and introduce resources. Over 90% of new freshmen take this class.

    *Look for Intrauniversity 104 on WINS!

    General Education and America's Promise!


    These are also known as GenEds. All public 4 year institutions are have them. They are foundational courses unique to UWW that all students must take in order to graduate. They were created by proffessors based off of skills needed in the workplace so employers love it! They foster well rounded students, and broaden their perspectives past their major courses.

    Everyone has a story!

    What's an Academic Advisor?


    Academic Advisors are Master-level professionals out of the AAEC. They will help you navigate your AAR later today. There are advising holds on your account that won't let you register for classes until you meet with them so it's super important to talk with your advisor! In the spring you will have 3 appointments: Jumpstart, Pre-advise and Advise. Don't miss them!

    *The only students that will not be meeting with AAEC are Theatre, Music, Art and MAGD majors, you will be advised with your college.

    To Do Before Fall

    Tech Quest and You Got This are interactive programs new students are required to take before fall semester starts. Tech Quest is a quiz based learning tool to help you understand how to utilize technology on campus, you must pass with an 85% to move on. It takes about an hour to complete and can be accessed on D2L.

    Opens on January 1st!

    Paying for College


    FERPA form and Club Waiver

    Terms and Conditions and the payment plan

    Student Bill is due on January 27th 2017

    Bills can be payed in person with cash, credit card or check at the cashiers office on first floor Hyer Hall or online using the ebill TouchNet system.

    Authorized users can also create TouchNet accounts and help pay your bill as well!

    If you have any questions about Financial Aid and the FAFSA visit the Financial Aid office.

    If on the payment plan everything else that isn't a part of your student bill can be paid on February 24th and March 24th with 1.875% activation fee.

    Registration Time

    We will now go over WINS.