Here's An Unofficial Ranking Of Every "One Tree Hill" Season, And I Said What I Said

    *Plays "It's my opinion" Vine before any of you come for me*

    9. Season 5

    a woman holding the hand of a man at the altar, getting married

    8. Season 8

    three people have their arms crossed while they look at an uncooked turkey

    7. Season 2

    three teens are at a school dance with relaxed faces

    6. Season 6

    a man and wife hold hands at the altar getting married

    5. Season 4

    a woman in a dress stands among high school graduates in graduation robes. they run toward two paramedics rolling a body out on a stretcher

    4. Season 9

    two women working in a restaurant, one wears an apron, the other a polo

    3. Season 3

    four women and pete wentz from fall out boy all put on makeup

    2. Season 7

    a woman lies in a hospital bed while a younger woman stands above her, they are both smiling

    1. Season 1

    two teenage boys wearing hoodies are playing basketball outside