What Neopets Taught Us About Life

My sister and I opened a joint Neopets account almost 12 years ago. Today we logged back in for the first time in years. That was when I realized how much the gaming site helped prepare me for life in the “real world.”

1. Neopets taught us a lot of things.

2. Like the importance of capitalism.

3. The meaning of a “buyer’s market.”

A typical Neopian store. Apparently my sis and I were hot stuff back in the day.

5. And how scarcity creates value.

6. We learned that feeding your pets is too expensive.

This little guy has been kickin’ it for over 4,000 days and we haven’t fed him once.

7. So you should probably just abandon them.

8. We experienced the addictiveness of gambling at an early age.

9. And knew that Dice-A-Roo was LIFE.

A typical game of Dice-A-Roo in a play-by-play by my sister and I.

10. We learned that cheaters never prosper.

11. And if something was too hard, to just give up.

They really like the word “abandon.”

12. Strength was determined in the Battledome.

13. Love looked like this.

14. And although the world was a big, scary place…

15. Your friends would always be there to help you out.

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