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Casting The 90s

The 90s are back and in full swing. And everyone is cashing in. So who will play our favorite characters if they get brought to life on the big screen?

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Sharon Spitz (BraceFace)

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She was feisty and goofy and just a little bit awkward.

Reggie Rocket (Rocket Power)


She knew how to play with the boys. And sometimes we felt bad for her lack of a proper female figure in her life. Because who wants Uncle Tito to help you pick out makeup?

Doug Funnie (Doug)

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He owned several sets of the exact same outfit, loved Patty Mayonaise, and was Quail Man in his free time. But mostly, he was just "Doug."

Played By Michael Cera (with a haircut)


It's hard to truly embody the awesomeness that is Doug Funnie, but with a haircut and a trained pooch as the loveable Porkchop, this could work.

Played By Mary Kate Wiles (From The Lizzie Bennet Diaries)


She played the annoying, but "adorbs" Lydia Bennet in the Emmy-award-winning YouTube series "The Lizzie Bennet" diaries – and now she's starring in YouTube series left and right. Let's get this lady a movie deal!

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