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    23 Signs You're An Awkward Individual

    Get ready to feel those feels.

    1. Your array of weird facial expressions makes people uncomfortable.

    2. Whenever you're in public, your unique talent of tripping on air emerges.

    3. Restaurants are hazard zones. Food + public place = recipe for disaster.

    4. Not even salad is a safe fallback option.

    5. This guy is always in your most recent emojis.

    6. Oral presentations are your personal hell.

    7. So is eye contact.

    8. Silent elevator rides physically pain you.

    9. Handshakes give you anxiety.

    10. Sometimes you lose muscle control and just twitch nervously.

    11. Dancing? You were born without those genes.

    12. Small talk? Big problem.

    13. Lulls in conversation result in you saying anything and everything to fill the silence.

    14. You are a first class avoider.

    15. You worship Jennifer Lawrence.

    16. And/or Zooey Deschanel.

    17. Your nervous laughter in uncomfortable situations is almost never appropriate.

    18. You dread posing for pictures.

    19. Flirting is a lost art.

    And sometimes you forget how to form sentences.

    After enough fumbling, it's safer to just bail.

    20. Your heart drops when the teacher tells the class to get into groups.

    21. There's no such thing as a smooth recovery.

    It's like rubbing salt in a wound.

    22. When you go for a high five, the other person usually doesn't notice.

    23. And you'd rather just chill at home with Netflix than risk embarrassing yourself in the outside world.

    But, hey, normal is boring. You just keep on doin' you, 'cause you're making the world more interesting for everyone else.