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I Want To Be Your Intern

This is my cover letter for the food editorial intern position.

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Hi, I'm Haley.

One day I thought, what does it take to work for BuzzFeed?

So I did what any smart person would do.

Then I saw the listing for an editorial food intern and was like...

Before getting too far into this, here are some things about me.

I watch whole seasons of shows on Netflix

And I'm on the internet a lot.

I'm a journalism student with big dreams

But sometimes I just want to be like...

But this position has answered my prayers.

So why do I want to work for BuzzFeed?

But really, BuzzFeed has changed the way we learn about the world.

It's my one stop shop to find out about what's trending

Or the answers to life's most important questions.

Now I want to contribute.

I have several skills that will make me a great addition to the team.

I have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

I work well in a team.


I'm a creative thinker.

I have experience in writing, editing and web design, so I know what it takes.

As a college student, I know all about social media.

I've been in several different work environments, which makes me versatile.

I'm right for this position because I'm a member of your audience.

To me, having an interest in pop-culture isn't just a hobby.

And I have great ideas.

So if you decide that you want me as your intern, I'll be waiting.

But if not...

But when you're like...

Remember how adorable I am.

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