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    • hakotys

      She just couldn’t stop herself and despite too many tedious hours of what would normally be torturous travel, she’d grinned halfway around the world to follow her future. A heaven-sent opportunity had reached out and touched Kat on the shoulder and there was no turning away. Her twin horses of vanity and pride had been spurred and were galloping her headlong toward the biggest risk of her life. She had to do it, had to just go or be left forever wondering ‘what if’? It wasn’t quite what she expected but how could it be with her hopes so high? How could she have known? How could she have possibly known? The promise of elixir from heaven was held out to beckon her to rise from the monotony of her mundane life only to be cruelly snatched away and replaced with the reality of a spiraling fetish-fed hell. Would she endure? Would she prevail? Would her life be forever altered? Such is Kat’s journey and this is her story.

      The majority of Descent Into Darkness was written over a 2 year period from 2008 to 2010 but was self-published in August 2014 as the author’s first novel. Inspired by reading many varied works over many years, there was always a nagging thought that ‘I can do that too’ and when they say everyone has a book in them, this was always going to be mine. It didn’t stop there though. After a sigh of relief and the sense of achievement from the completion of ‘Descent’, the ideas kept flowing and missing the thrill of how a story slowly reveals itself to me as I am writing it and thanks to the encouragement of others, a wider project was born with the sequel being ‘Dark Days’.

      Descent Into Darkness became the first of the ‘Written Pictures’ series of novels which follow the fortunes of a group of people through a BDSM-themed year of love and adventure, exploration and erotica. The series of erotic thrillers tells of how the lives and loves of strangers intertwine, touching each other to shape and influence sometimes in subtle ways, sometimes less so with the potent interplay of passion and power.  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MLTG1D8/?tag=buzz0f-20 https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Written-Pictures-Series/303874573122998

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