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Everything You Need To Know About Popping Your EDC Cherry

Your first time doesn't always have to be painfully awkward

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First things first, a positive atitude is key


The experienced ravers are reading this thinking, "Why would I go into the most magical weekend of the year with anything other than a positive attitude?". Believe it or not, not everyone is mentally and/or physically prepared for 3 days of stimulation overload.

If you go in with any less than a super positive attitude, you're setting yourself up for disappointment.

Prepare to party with some of the nicest people you've ever met


Sure, many ravers' happy-go-lucky attitudes can be partially attributed to certain substances, but even disregarding any mind-altering substances those attending EDC are generally some of the nicest people you'll ever have the pleasure of being crammed into a tent with.

When you're experiencing a festival with hundreds of thousands of attendees, the demeanor of those around you can really make or break your weekend.

The venue is visually stunning


EDC is visual overload in the most magnificent way possible. Lasers, light shows, fire, theatrical performers, art installations, carnival rides, and fireworks to name just a portion of the eye candy you will encounter.

Neither verbose descriptions nor vivid photos will ever do it justice.

There is no better venue for people watching


I'll admit, before I'd ever been to EDC I had a very specific idea of the type of person you'd find there. Needless to say, I was pretty damn wrong.

Obviously, there are a plethora of the stereotypical raver who can be found wearing neon, glow in the dark, light up, and/or glittery costumes - and of course, nearly naked. However, the population is FAR more diverse, as it includes every walk of life and every type of attire imaginable.

If you need to take a break and sit down for awhile (believe me, you will), I highly suggest people watching - you won't be disappointed.

The talent


It should go without saying that the musical talent is incredible - but as this is an article about EDC, it can't really go without saying.

With 3 days and 8 stages, EDC achieves both quantity and quality. You can find mainstream or underground acts, trance or dubstep, live vocals or drum and bass, the list is endless. Not to mention the special/surprise guests. Add all of this to perfect acoustics and you have a combination that few festivals have fully mastered.

The Speedway is huge


EDC is held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and it is, for lack of a better word, massive. It's hard to imagine a venue packed with hundreds of thousands of people, where you don't feel like a can of sardines. Walking from stage to stage is easily manageable, with room to chilll, sit down, or grab food, alcohol or water - privileges that are highly important to festival goers.

The stages aren't as crowded as you'd think


Getting claustrophobic is a major concern for many... or is that just me?

Don't get me wrong, there are a TON of people at each stage, but at EDC people actually respect your space. Sure there are people dancing on every side of you, but they rarely burst your personal bubble. Unless your squished up against the guard rail at the very front, you won't feel too claustrophobic. There is plenty of room to dance, jump, bob, or just make a fool of yourself while enjoying your favorite performers.

The Rides


EDC takes its rides very seriously. Most music festivals have a Ferris wheel, but how many can claim roughly 30 rides? EDC's offerings range from the exhilarating swings to plunging drops to the vomit inducing Gravitron - there is a ride for everyone (although I'm not sure I'd recommend all of them).

Whether you want to snuggle up with your significant other on the Ferris wheel and enjoy the fireworks or put your equilibrium to the test, the carnival rides are an attraction all their own.

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