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7 Bandwagon NBA Fans Who's Existence Makes Real Fans Cringe

Chances are you're one of them.

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1. Knicks Fans (or lack thereof)


When Carmelo signed with the Knicks, fans everywhere stocked up on Melo jerseys like they were going out of style. West coasters hopped on the NY bandwagon almost as quickly as they had with MIA. This season you'd be hard pressed to find a true fan. Although they nearly qualified for the playoffs with talent including Amar'e and J.R., their fans seem to have evaporated into thin air.

2. Brooklyn Nets Fans


Jason Kidd is coach and minority owner - that's pretty legit. But that's not what we're here for. The Nets are on this list for two main reasons. 1) If you're wondering where all those Knicks fans went, you've found them. The Nets had the misfortune of inheriting many of the Knicks fair-weather fans. 2) The key word is Brooklyn. Their fans were few and far between as the New Jersey Nets because, let's face it, it's New Jersey. Their inability to make the playoffs for 5 years prior may have also had something to do with it. But I prefer to blame it on Jersey.

3. Laker fans who know nothing about basketball


Let me put this out there: I am a Laker fan - a diehard, eat, sleep, and breathe all things Laker, Laker fan. But the Lakers have a huge group of bandwagon fans, essentially groupies, who are basically everything that's wrong with basketball. They dress up for games like they'd dress for the Met Ball, they overuse buzzwords such as Black Mamba and Lakeshow, and they still think Khloe Kardashian's ex plays for the Lakers.

4. Nearly every Oklahoma City Thunder Fan ever


I have an innate issue with anyone who becomes a fan only once a team has begun winning. But let's face it, that's most fans. If you've followed a team since you were little, or because it's your home team, or since they sucked - that's a real fan. I love watching Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant as individual players, but I am by no means an OKC fan. If you can't tell me the original team name pre 2008, please refrain from talking. If you don't know, which I'm guessing applies to the vast majority, they were the Seattle SuperSonics.

Don't act like you knew that.

Seriously, don't.

5. Clipper Fans: "I've always been a Clipper fan"


First, no you haven't. The Lakers diminishing team and record combined with Stern committing the greatest cock block in the history of sports let to a surplus of fans shifting alliances to the shiny new, Clipper team. Pre 2011 Clippers fans didn't exist. And why would they? The Clippers were merely the "other LA team". They have an all time losing record of roughly .382 and have only even qualified for the playoffs 9 times in 43 years. That's the second worst record in the NBA, barely placing them above the Charlotte Bobcats.

If you're going to jump on the bandwagon, at least own it.

6. Heat fans: All of them


Ok we get it, you have LBJ, D Wade, and the Predator aka Chris Bosh. It's hard to deny the star power of that triple threat. But for a team whose fan base is annoyingly vocal during the playoffs, it's shocking they struggle to fill the stadium during the regular season. It's a team with predominately bandwagon fans who are only in it for the ring and can't be bothered to sit through 6 months of regular season games. The worst is when they lose, every fan seems to resort to, "I'm really just a Lebron fan, and he still played well." Shoot Me.

(side note, google "Chris Bosh looks like" trust me, it's great)

7. Speaking of Lebron... / Via

IMO there is nothing worse than a Lebron fan. They're aggressive yet under informed, they get heated (forgive the pun) over game-stopping leg cramps, and worst of all they continue to do so after Lebron has repeatedly proven himself both intellectually challenged and, for lack of a better descriptor, a giant cry-baby. But this isn't about the man himself, it's about his fans. To them, LBJ can do no wrong, and they will inform you of such in a 30 minute speech at a decibel level loud enough to make your ears bleed. The worst are those obsessing over LBJ for the first time. It's 2014, that bandwagon left 4 years ago dude, ya missed it.

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