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12 Things People With Resting Bitch Face Are Tired Of Hearing

Not everyone walks around with a Joker-Esque smile plastered on their face.

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1. "You're so unapproachable"


Good, that was precisely my intention

2. "I can never tell how you're feeling"


By all means, please stop trying to guess

3. "I've always assumed you were a bitch"


Please don't assume I'm a bitch based solely on my face being stuck with this less than cheery disposition. I probably am a bitch, but you should get to know me first before making that assessment.

4. "Are you trying to be cool or something?"


Trying to be cool is the opposite of cool.

5. "Do you think it makes you look mysterious/badass?"


Please. Stop. Talking.

6. "You look like you think you're better than other people"


I cannot help that my face looks this way

7. "Why are you always in a bad mood?"


Again with the assumptions. Stop.

8. "Are you mad?"


I swear I'm not mad. Honestly, not mad. Please stop thinking I'm mad.

9. "Are you sure you're not mad?"


If I wasn't mad, I am now

10. "You'd be so much prettier / happier if you smiled more often"


I'd be so much happier if you stopped talking

11. "So your face just naturally looks like that?"


Yes, and proud of it

12. "You're so much nicer than I thought you were"


Took you long enough

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