Scarlett Johansson Finally Addressed The Feud Rumors Between Her And Gwyneth Paltrow On "Iron Man 2"

    "You were so nice to me on that movie," she said. "I was so petrified."

    As one of the few women cast in the Marvel universe, Scarlett Johansson joined fellow Avenger, Gwyneth Paltrow, on her Goop podcast and dispelled any rumors of tension when they filmed the Iron Man series together.

    closeup of Gwyneth and Scarjo in the movie

    Scarlett portrayed Natasha Romanov, aka Black Widow, while Gwyneth played Pepper Potts, Tony Stark's right-hand woman, and later love interest.

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    In the podcast, Gwyneth brought up the rumors that had swirled in the past, to which Scarlett countered, "You were so nice to me on that movie," she said. "I was so petrified."

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    "You were so nice to me! You could've been awful," Scarlett reaffirmed. As it was the actress' first foray into the Marvel blockbuster universe, she shared, "I was so out of my comfort zone on that movie. I'd never done anything like that before."

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    "I was so happy to have another woman around," Gwyneth said of working together.

    the cast at an iron man event

    "You kept telling me that," Scarlett agreed. She added, "Then I experienced that later on. When I did Avengers I was one of the few [women]… it was like a big sausage party."

    the cast bringing their fists together

    Fortunately, since the early stages of Phase 1, the cast members have grown. Joining the Marvel universe, we now have the likes of Zoe Saldana, Brie Larson, Elizabeth Olsen, Tessa Thompson, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Evangeline Lilly, Pom Klementieff, Natalie Portman, Karen Gillan, and more.

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    So there you have it Marvel fans, no harm, no foul here. There's nothing but love between Black Widow and Pepper Potts.

    You can listen to the full interview here.