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    28 Accurate AF Ratings For Dogs

    10/10 use of social media.

    It's about time WeRateDogs gets the credit it deserves for its complete accuracy and human service to rating dogs β€” aka something we all do out loud, or in our heads, whenever we encounter a dog in the wild.

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    Here are just some of the best, and most precise, dog ratings:

    1. Rubio β€” 11/10.

    2. Charlie β€” 12/10.

    3. Hank β€” 8/10. Solid dog, but up to no good.

    4. Jangle β€” 8/10. Solid dog but addicted to broccoli.

    5. Ace β€” 11/10. Points for doubling as window washer.

    6. And Rooney β€”10/10. He tried.

    7. Max β€” 5/10 working ears, 10/10 dog.

    8. Meyer β€” 12/10. Role-model dog.

    9. Winston β€” 11/10. Canadian.

    10. *Celestial sounds* doggo β€”13/10.

    11. Bernie β€”10/10 reaction.

    12. A carrot β€”11/10.

    13. Leo β€”10/10, because we all know this guy.

    14. Dog and bouncy dog β€” 10/10.

    15. Remy β€” 10/10.

    16. Bella β€” also 10/10.

    17. Bohemian Livvie β€”11/10 flower crown.

    18. And free-spirit dog β€” 13/10.

    So this just changed my life. 13/10 please enjoy

    19. Charles. Shhhh, it's a dog. 6/10.

    20. An inspiration β€” 10/10.

    21. Farfle. Speedracer. 12/10 inspo.

    22. Panda β€” 11/10. Always on one.

    23. Curtis β€” 10/10 bravery.

    24. Oliver β€” 10/10 squish factor.

    25. Two very good pups β€” 13/10 each.

    Ever seen a dog pet another dog? Both 13/10 truly an awe-inspiring scene. (Vid by @mdougherty20)

    26. Ambrose β€” 11/10. Regal rancher.

    27. Zara β€” 12/10. She works hard for the money.

    28. And this motorcycle gang. *does math* 15834/83928

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    Thank you, @dog_rates. Follow them!

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