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12 Thoughts Your Dog Has Definitely Had

"Really not a fan of when he goes around talking like me."

1. "It's already been FIVE MINUTES since he left, I just can't take THIS MUCH LONELINESS."

Via Twitter: @karolneryc

"I think he may have DIED".

2. "I'd like to see how he handles eating the same damn food EVERY FRIGGIN' DAY."

Via Twitter: @lhayys_

"What are you looking at? This coconut is mine! What do you expect? All you feed me is dry, flavorless little pellets."

3. "He must be crazy. He keeps putting his feet on these tasty treats he leaves on the floor for me."

Via Twitter: @thiagomatheus


4. "I don't care. I'm going to tear up all of his shit because I know he's going to think it's cute."

Via Twitter: @LuizHDias

"See? Look, he's getting his camera."

5. "And I thought he'd never fall for my trick of making my patented sad face again..."

Via Twitter: @lmourabr

"Hahahahaha... it works every time, and he still thinks he's smarter than me!"

6. "Could it be that she likes me as much as I like her?"

Via Twitter: @addictioncami

"I think so!"

7. "Why are they laughing at me? I'm walking this fast because I'm really LATE FOR AN APPOINTMENT."


"I only have FIFTEEN MINUTES to make it to the park. I CANNOT miss it."

8. "Why is she always trying to make me look at that little rectangle thing she's always holding? I. DON'T. WANT. TO. LOOK! I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR RECTANGLE."

Via Twitter: @qwlqw

"What is it with humans and their rectangles?"

9. "That thing where he goes around talking like me is irritating..."

Via Twitter: @annajumoraes

"That's not what my voice sounds like."

10. "I know she doesn't seem to like this, but it DOES make her pay attention to me."

Via Twitter: @ropedrozo

"What? You think I WANT to be chewing on underwear?"

11. "Wait a minute, if he's my dad, why does he walk on just two feet, and why isn't he furry?"

Via Twitter: @danisdahmer

"Am I doing things wrong? Is this better?"


Via Twitter: @PauloPianetti

😍 😍 😍

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