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    21 Times Sweetie The Capybara Was Such A Dang Ray Of Sunshine

    As if capybaras weren't adorable enough.

    1. When she snuggled with her bae, Joe Joe.

    Hi, hello, yes, RELATIONSHIP GOALS.

    2. When she was a literal party animal.

    Show off that fashion, gurl.

    3. When she was the queen of health.

    4. YAAASS, show us how to snack right!

    5. Honestly. I want like 90 smoothies now.

    6. When she made it clear who calls the shots in her relationships.

    Hint: Sweetie calls the shots.

    7. When she showed the world her workout routine.

    8. And when she was totally you with your friends in the pool.

    9. When she strutted over to her bae with a fashionable walk that would impress Tyra herself.

    10. And when she shed light on the true meaning of the phrase "model status."

    11. When Sweetie posted this adorably embarrassing #TBT from her ballet days.

    We've all been there.

    12. And when she threw it back to this adorable onesie pic.

    13. When she was overall just better than you.

    14. When she struggled to get up the steps, but was still more successful than you on a "good day."

    15. When she wanted to show the world that Capybaras truly appreciate all nature has to offer.

    16. When she welcomed the new year in in style.

    17. When she heard a terrifying sound.

    18. When she went on a romantic date to the park with her man.

    19. When she got sent to a timeout because she tried to eat a door.

    20. When she took in the scenery.

    21. And when she gave the most relatable side-eye of all time.

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