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    18 Animals Who Are Fancy AF

    Dressed to the ca-nines.

    1. This dog who knows how to recline gracefully.

    2. This kitty who took "put a feather in your cap" literally.

    3. This beautiful hamster who finally found the perfect hat.

    4. This feline who is ready for a very fancy feast.

    5. This little piggy who skipped the market and went straight to Rodeo Drive.

    6. This elegant fella who wants to spend the afternoon in the lounge.

    7. This bright-eyed buster who likes to add a little class to the everyday.

    8. This chic canine who is dressed to be seen.

    9. This sweet lady who is totally ruff-ined.

    10. This happy princess who wants to be treated like royalty.

    11. This stately gentleman who knows a little accessory can make a big statement.

    12. This gorgeous party girl who is the belle of the ball.

    13. This tiny fashionista who knows how to colour coordinate.

    14. This handsome guy who knows to obey when the invitation says "black tie."

    15. This dignified doggo who knows that when you look good, you feel good.

    16. This lovely lass who can accessorize better than you.

    17. This sweet little bun who found the perfect hare accessory.

    18. And this fashionable lady who woke up like this.