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    29 Cats Who Just Want To Help You Decorate Your Tree

    They're just making sure you've got an even distribution of ornaments going on.

    1. This kitty thinks you need some tinsel.

    2. This cat is just kindly pointing out that you missed a spot just here.

    3. This cat is just checking that everything is nice and secure, in case say, some naughty creature decides to climb it.

    4. This kitty is just checking the quality of the tree branches, so you know if it's safe for your glass baubles.

    5. This lil' man is just telling you that you made a good choice getting a big tree this year.

    6. This guy is a classy cat, he's just letting you know less is more when it comes to baubles.

    7. This cat was just trying to untangle your lights, he swears.

    8. This small floof is just guarding the tree in case any other floofs decide to destroy all your hard work.

    9. This princess is just putting on a finishing touch, she knows you really care and wants to make it perfect for you.

    10. This tiny fella is just a lil' stuck, he was trying to help, but then it all went a bit wrong.

    11. This cutie is just appreciating your hard work, he just loves the atmosphere it's brought into the house.

    12. This guy didn't know the tree was meant to be upright, he thought it would look better on the floor.

    13. This guy thinks you're missing a statement ornament, maybe something large? Say a tasteful tabby?

    14. This guy was just checking that everything is as it should be, and lucky for you, the tree looks great, now if you could just help him out?

    15. This kitty loves your new cat tree.

    16. This guy definitely isn't stuck, he wanted to be there, just like that, for a little while.

    17. This small lady doesn't know why you don't have this up all year round. Have you considered getting a summer tree?

    18. This lil' prince loves the tree so much he just has to give it a hug.

    19. This cat loves the tree soooo much, he wants to be one with the tree.

    20. This cat is trying to make a point about the aesthetics of your choice of decorations. He'd prefer a minimalist scheme this year.

    21. This kitty is just tasting the tree, just in case, you know, it's tasty.

    22. This kitty doesn't know why you put those heavy books at the bottom of the tree, he thinks it looks much better horizontal.

    23. This little man is doing a quick stock check, and yep, everything is there, nothing to worry about.

    24. This cat thinks upright trees are so 2016, in 2017 it's all going to be about the jaunty angle.

    25. This kitty thinks you need some lights, like now.

    26. This puss was just posing for a photo, he can't deny it, he needs this to be on Instagram.

    27. This kitty thinks angels are tacky and cats are the real stars in our life.

    28. This cat was definitely trying to help, he just saw a wonky bauble, he didn't mean it.

    29. This tiny kitty was just exploring this new thing, he didn't know what it was, but he likes it very much.

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