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    This Girl Turned Doggie Cones Of Shame Into Works Of Art And It's The Cutest Thing You'll See All Day

    The most regal doggos you'll see all day.

    There are few sights sadder than a dog wearing a Cone of Shame.

    After volunteering with One Tale at a Time in Chicago, photographer Erin Einbender had seen enough sad dogs sporting the cone of shame, and wanted to try and help.

    So combining her love for dogs and passion for photography, Erin started a project called Cones of Fame.

    Erin Einbender / Via Instagram: @conesoffame

    Erin chose a few dogs from the shelter and with the help of some fellow volunteers, decorated the cones and had a doggy photoshoot. The final results are absolutely adorable.

    Erin Einbender / Via

    The project not only helps bring awareness to getting your pets spayed and neutered, but it also helps rescue dogs find their forever homes.

    Erin Einbender / Via

    Because there are still shelters in Chicago that have yet to adopt the no-kill policy, Cones of Fame is set on helping rescue dogs get adopted.

    Erin Einbender / Via

    And I mean come on, who wouldn't want to adopt these cutie pies??

    Erin Einbender / Via

    If you're interested in adopting a pet of your own, click here for a list of shelters near you.

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