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Paid PostPosted on Feb 5, 2013

20 Cats That Are Doing It Wrong

These cats need to make some changes. Much love - Virgin Mobile

1. Silly cat. You don't hug birds. You eat them.

2. Oh cats, you’re not peoples. Sit down.

3. Cat, don't you know, you're not jelly?

4. You are not a fishy, cat.

5. Arr cat! This is a perch for parrots, not you!

6. No cat, that's your sworn enemy.

7. You are not log, cat. Get up.

8. You are not dishes, cat. What were you thinking?

9. Cat, why do you want to be bear? You are cat.

10. Baby cats aren't tea for two! Get it together, baby cats.

11. You are not snacks, cat. Stop being snacks.

12. Why do you want to be corner pocket? Just be yourself, cat.

13. Cat, you are not hot dogs. Knock it off.

14. You are not Deniro, cat.

15. You are not the boss, cat. You look ridiculous.

16. No one likes bullies, cat. Do you need a time out?

17. Cat, please, you are not a blanket.

18. Cat, where is your dignity? You are not table.

19. Nice try, cat. You are not a hat.

20. Cat, where is your fluffy? Cat this is so embarassing.


- Virgin Mobile