12 Ridiculous Holiday Gifts You Probably Don’t Want

Of course, odds are you’ll probably end up with at least one of these gems. And if you do, don’t worry. Simply post them on Jack Daniel’s website and maybe win yourself an amazing holiday sled.

1. Ostrich Pillow:

You may attract stares, but you won’t be able to see them.

2. Movie Maze Game:

After navigating someone’s intense wrapping job, there’s nothing better than navigating another challenge.

4. Roswell Soil Sample:

Dirt! From a place! How perfect!

5. Muffin Tops Baking Cups:

For the only part of the muffin that matters.

6. Electric Skates:


All the benefits of skates without any of the effort.

7. Call Me Gloves:


Look like a mime taking a phone call while taking an actual call.

8. Tear-Free Onion Glasses:

The thing you didn’t realize anyone ever needed.

9. Laughing Asparagus Stone Sculpture:

For when someone knows your affinity for anthropomorphized vegetables.

10. Drinking Horn:


No one ever said drinking like a viking was going to be practical.

11. Doll Head Votives:

“Awwww, thanks for the nightmares!”

12. Flying Fairy in a Jar:


Perfect for keeping something beautiful trapped and flailing by your side.

If you've received a gift that belongs on this list, upload a pic for a chance to win a Jack Daniel’s holiday sled:

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