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Steroid Beer, Just In Time For The Olympics

It's called Never Mind The Anabolics, and it contains 8 ingredients that have been banned by the Olympics as performance enhancing substances.

Smart allecky Scottish brewery BrewDog unveiled this limited edition IPA as a protest against corporate sponsorship of the Olympics. Their ingredient list (supposedly) contains the following substances that have been banned for athletes competing in the Olympics:

1. Creatine

2. Guarana

3. Lycii Berries

4. Kola Nut

5. Gingko

6. Matcha Tea

7. Maca Powder

8. Steroids

(Although a spokesperson for the brewery admits steroids were only brewed into the initial test cannot purchase Never Mind The Anabolics with actual anabolics.)

And They Made A Cute Little Video With Their Cute Little Scottish Accents