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12 Breakthroughs Making The World Better Every Day

Did you know that Israel has the most dense start-up per capita in the world? That's right — one amazing start-up for every 100 people! These innovations are creating a global footprint that'll encourage everyone to reThink Israel and its incredible tech community.

1. Navigating your way through the wildest of rush hours

2. Playing with proteins and their multiple purposes.

3. Monitoring global demand for the things we need most.

Evogene forecasts which crops have greater commercial demand around the world, with an emphasis on producing them more sustainably.

4. Building robotic arms for the immobilized.

5. Providing a smartphone for those who can't see.

6. Ensuring you've got a strong set of bones.

7. Giving you an easy way to understand your own chemistry.

8. Navigating you around major cities using only public transportation.

9. Breathalyzing in the palm of your hand.

10. Sorting out exactly what's in your groceries.

11. Making the government's meeting place environmentally friendly.

12. Watching your heart rate without actually watching.