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15 Ways To Flawlessly Capture Your Vacation In Ways People Actually Want To See

Make magic — the power is yours. Explore and capture the world with Canon’s breathtaking lens offerings.

1. First thing: Go somewhere amazing, like Alaska.

2. Make GIFs out of the video you record to make your friends extra jelly.

3. Use a wide-angle lens to capture the vastness of a tremendous subject.

4. Take your time and allow the environment to speak to you.

5. And then shrink your reality with tilt-shift.

6. Composition 101: It's all about the layering, baby.

7. Bring your camera EVERYWHERE.

8. Don't forget to focus on the details too!

Macro lenses allow you to capture the tiniest details and bring them to life.

9. No time for video? Burst capture a series of photos and put them together to make an animation instead.

10. Make your #feetselfie extra special by adding a little movement.

11. Throw in a natural lens flare to add some real photography magic.

12. A fisheye can really warp your view!

Fisheye lenses are extreme versions of wide-angle lenses that create warped, almost spherical images.

13. You don't have to be close to snap an intimate shot.

14. One word: color.

15. And don't forget to relax. Remember, you're still on vacation!

Photos by Aubree Lennon ©BuzzFeed

Capture the beauty of your world with fisheye, macro, tilt-shift, telephoto, and wide-angle lenses from Canon.