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15 Of The Toughest Decisions Every New Yorker Has Made

Gotta be on time for that 2 p.m. client meeting... Grab a quick slice downstairs orrr your fave spicy street meat?! Or, shoot, maybe be healthy with a salad? Ugh, making the right food decision is tough — Crest is tougher. #NYTough

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1. Spend $5 for the fancy cappuccino from the kauffehaus, or $1 for the street coffee from the cart?

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2. Pick up the cute "free" armchair off the street, or keep walking cuz bed bugs?

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3. Move closer to the park, or closer to the subway?

Courtesy of Tara Parian

4. Cook dinner yourself, or order in?

Courtesy of Nicole Burnor / stopbits / CC BY http://2.0

5. Bring your out-of-town visitors to Times Square, or talk them into checking out the frilly jazz club in the West Village?

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6. Tell the landlord about your new kitten, orrrr keep it to yourself?

Courtesy of Lindsey Erdahl

7. Deal with the MADNESS of the grocery store during rush hour, or live off scraps for the next few days?

8. Purchase one of those cheap umbrellas that last no more than two rainstorms, or invest in a heavy-duty one? / docpopular / CC BY-SA http://2.0) / JessyeAnne / CC BY http://2.0

9. Enter the smelly, empty subway car just to get a seat knowing WHY it's empty, or nah?

Courtesy of John Urquhart Susan NYC / CC BY http://2.0

10. Run to catch the crosstown bus, or walk calmly to maintain your dignity?

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11. Use the trashy ATM outside the 99-cent pizza joint you're at, or walk six blocks to your bank to avoid all the fees?

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12. Give a buck to the subway dancers, or pretend you're wearing your invisibility cloak?

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13. Wash your own laundry, or drop it off because you literally have no time?

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14. Take that cab you can't afford, or lose that oh-so-precious hour of sleep by waiting for the train?

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15. Tell yourself that after the endless hustle, bustle, stress, struggle and romance that it's all worth it...

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...or move to a land far, far away where everything is cheap, the living is simple, the air is fresh, and life would be undeniably boring, slow, and uninteresting to you?

Courtesy of Tara Parian

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