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      My husband is a Russian Jew, and atheist, so he doesn’t really celebrate Chanukkah. We light the candles on the menorah and I have a Chanukkah window in our living room with blue and white lights. His family does a big New Year’s Eve celebration with lots of Russian foods, vodka and music. They have papa frost and a New Years tree (yulka). I’m an atheist from a Christian background. I have a secular Christmas complete with a gaudy tree with nostalgic ornaments from when I grew up, lights on the house, wreaths….pretty much everything Christmas minus the manger scene. The great thing is we don’t have to compromise on holiday time with each other’s family because they don’t overlap! He doesn’t have any ornaments from his childhood, so I get him a few on every trip we take so he can have memories hanging on our tree too. For us the holidays are more about spending time with loved ones and the traditions than they are about religion.

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