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    This Video Perfectly Sums Up Our Obsession With Wearing Workout Clothes All The Time

    Brunch? Activewear. Grocery shopping? Activewear. Hungover on the couch? Activewear.

    A new parody video from all-female sketch group Skit Box perfectly captures so many people's obsession with wearing exercise clothes even when they're not, you know, exercising.

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    *Cough.* Sydney. *Cough.*

    The video, primarily filmed in Bondi, essentially pokes fun at society's acceptance of ~activewear~ as appropriate attire for pretty much any activity.


    "We're just as guilty as anyone else. The idea came from us rehearsing for our live show, and we were all in our activewear. Then we started chatting about how much we do in our activewear, and how little of it is actually 'active'," Adele Vuko, member of Skit Box tells BuzzFeed Life.

    Directed by Christiaan Van Vuuren - one of the creators of the Bondi Hipsters - the video is all too real for anyone familiar with Sydney's eastern suburb's culture.


    Also known as a place where groceries, manicure appointments, breakfast dates, and shopping for more activewear can all be done in the clothes you'd wear to the gym.

    Basically, it's a pretty funny reminder that your exercise gear wasn't always considered so versatile.


    What a gloriously comfortable time to be alive!

    Because, after all, so many of us have done it, right?

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