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We Tested These Urban Decay Rip-Offs So You Don't Have To

Let's separate the flawless fakes from the crappy copies.

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1. Models Prefer Nude Eyeshadow Palette, $12.99

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Similarities: There are nine shades in the Models Prefer palette that match exactly to the Naked palette, and both come with a built-in mirror. The gold Half Baked Urban Decay shade is almost exactly the same as the high-pigment Models Prefer gold shadow.

Differences: There's no match for the iconic YDK shade, which is a bit of a shame. While the Naked palette comes with a double-ended bristle brush, the dupe comes with a double-ended sponge brush, which isn't ideal for blending.

The verdict: With four matte shades and six shimmer ones, the Models Prefer palette is a pretty great copy, especially if you already own a set of decent makeup brushes.

You save: $68.

Top: Urban Decay. Bottom: Models Prefer.

2. Maybelline New York The Nudes Palette, $25.95

Similarities: Both of these palettes have 12 shades and come with a double-ended brush. Each palette has the basic taupe, black, and bronze shades.

Differences: The OG Naked palette has two shapes with a purple undertone, while the Maybelline palette sticks to more traditional "nude" shades. The colour payoff is much higher in the Naked palette, particularly when it comes to applying the more metallic shadows.

The verdict: If you're more inclined to use your palette to create a natural, low-key nude eye, the Maybelline palette will give you everything you need. However, if you wanted to create a statement look with darker metallic shades, you would have trouble.

You save: $55.05.

Top: Urban Decay. Bottom: Maybelline.

3. W7 In The Nude Eye Colour Palette, $9.99

Similarities: The most obvious similarity here is in the style of the packaging, and the fact both palettes have the same number of shades.

Differences: Despite looking the same from afar these palettes don't actually have many similar colours. The W7 shadows are mainly pink and purple shades, while the Naked palette contains traditional nude tones and metallics. The quality of the W7 product is quite poor, with low-colour pigment. Compared to the Urban Decay shadows, it feels almost impossible to properly blend.

The verdict: For less than $10, the W7 palette could be worth buying if you rarely wear eyeshadow. And by rarely we mean basically never. It's nice to look at, but the quality of the shadow just isn't going to satisfy the needs of most makeup fans.

You save:

Top: Urban Decay. Bottom: W7.

4. BYS Nude 2 Eyeshadow Palette, $14.95

Similarities: The 12 shades in this BYS palette match up very well with all of the shades in the Naked palette. The shades in both palettes are super-high pigment and blend really well, with the metallic shades in particular a real stand out in both.

Differences: There are some very slight shade differences here, with the BYS purple and blue shades. The packaging on the BYS palette is also much lower quality. The dupe comes with two double-ended brushes, but neither are as good as the Urban Decay brush.

The verdict: The BYS palette is pretty damn flawless. If you can deal with packaging that looks noticeably ~cheaper~, there's practically no reason not to go for this palette.

You save: $66.05.

Top: Urban Decay. Bottom: BYS.

5. Chi Chi Glamorous Nudes Eye Shadow Palette, $22.95

Similarities: Nine of the 12 shades in this Chi Chi palette are spot-on matches for the Naked palette. In particular, the fourth shade from the right is an exact match for Urban Decay's Suspect shadow.

Differences: There are no matches for the Naked's Verve, YDK, and Busted shades, and the Chi Chi palette doesn't include a mirror.

The verdict: This dupe is pretty fantastic. Unless you don't think you could live without the three Naked shades that don't feature in the Chi Chi lineup, opting for the affordable version makes a hell of a lot of sense.

You save: $58.05.

Top: Urban Decay. Bottom: Chi Chi.

6. Designer Brands Rose Gold Eye Shadow Palette, $14.99

Similarities: While this Designer Brands palette is more reminiscent of Stila's In The Light palette, it's still got six shades that are close to those in the Naked palette. It also comes with a mirror, which is always handy.

Differences: The Designer Brands palette features a navy and purple shade. The shadows in this palette are also more sparkly than the metallic colours in the Naked lineup. For this reason, the pigment isn't as strong on application as the Urban Decay shades. Instead, the shadows are more like a light glitter.

The verdict: This isn't a palette that you would use to build a fierce smoky eye, but it still contains pretty shades that would be good for people who love a sparkly look.

You save: $66.

Top: Urban Decay. Bottom: Designer Brands.

7. Sportsgirl The Essentials Nudes Eyeshadow Palette, $24.95

Similarities: Though the colour palettes on these two products are quite different, a very close match can be found between the Urban Decay's Tease shadow, and the shadow fourth from the left in the Sportgirl palette.

Differences: This Sportsgirl palette comes with a black eyeliner pencil and a double-ended brush. The shadows have a high pigment but there was quite a lot of fallout when blending, which didn't happen when applying the Naked colours.

The verdict: The shades of this Sportsgirl palette aren't actually that similar at all to those in the Naked palette, but the shadow is high quality.

You save: $56.05.

Top: Urban Decay. Bottom: Sportsgirl.

8. Chi Chi Glamorous Timeless Eye Shadow Palette, $22.95

Similarities: This Chi Chi shadow collection has perfect matches for all but three Naked shades, though the order within the palette is completely messed up.

Differences: Two brushes come with the Chi Chi palette, but both are double-ended sponges. There are a lot more matte shadows than there are in the Naked palette, with a purple, pale pink, and deep red shade.

The verdict: This is a pretty great dupe, unless you're looking for silver metallic shades. The colour payoff is high, but the Chi Chi shadows are quite as easy to apply and blend as those in the Naked palette.

You save: $58.05.

Top: Urban Decay. Bottom: Chi Chi.

9. Face of Australia Naked Eyeshadow Palette, $18.95

Similarities: There is a match for all but one shade in this Face of Australia palette. It also comes with an inbuilt mirror, like the Urban Decay palette, and a double-ended brush.

Differences: The one shade the Face of Australia palette doesn't have a match for is Urban Decay's golden Half Baked shadow.

The verdict: With 15 shadows, the Face of Australia palette has some shades that don't feature in the Naked palette. This palette has everything you could want, and then some.

You save: $62.05.

Top: Urban Decay. Bottom: Face Of Australia.

10. Australis Intensifeye Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Quad in Choc-A-Block, $14.95

Similarities: This Australis palette contains all the basics needed to create a damn good smoky eye, and comes with a double-ended brush (albeit a spongey one).

Differences: Obviously, the Urban Decay palette has a lot more shades than the Australis one. Sadly, there are no grey or silver shadows.

The verdict: If you were new to eyeshadow and just wanted something that was going to allow you to dip your toes into the makeup pool, then this would do you. If you wanted anything more than that, it would be worth spending the extra money for the bonus shades and higher pigment.

You save: $66.05.

Top: Urban Decay. Bottom: Australis.

Disclaimer: Face of Australia and Designer Brands palettes were provided free of charge for review. All other items reviewed in this post were purchased by BuzzFeed Life.

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An original version of this post stated that the BYS palette did not include a mirror. It actually does! It's just hidden behind an insert card. Oops!

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