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Australians Use Alcohol And Drug Emojis Twice As Much As Any Other Country


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In potentially unsurprising news, a report has been released finding Australians use alcohol-themed emojis twice as much as any other country.


The most popular of these is the "cheers" emoji, followed by beer, then wine, then the cocktail.


In addition to being super boozy, Australians also use the most junk food emojis, sending double the amount of pizza, cake, fries and lollipops.

In fact, when it comes to the lollipop emoji, our usage is five times higher than anyone elses.

Suck it, dentist.

The report also found that Australians used the pill and cigarette emojis 65% more than any other country.



The SwiftKey report analysed over one billion pieces of ~emoji data~ from 16 different regions, over a four month period.


The final report labelled Australia as the land of "vice and indulgences", and so far, nobody has stood up to argue that fact.