16 Tree Stumps That Will Inspire Your DIY Awakening

    This is not a drill. Or a joke.

    Introducing the newest, latest, greatest, coolest, everything-else-est home decor item: the tree stump.

    A stand-alone masterpiece, each stump is uniquely capable of making all your decorating dreams come true.

    Because what could possibly make a better table top than this?

    And what else could bring back the ombre trend like this?

    Or make us love white furniture even more?

    There is simply no better addition to a child's bedroom.

    Because there's nothing kids love better than tree stumps.

    You can display them in pairs.

    Or, use them as chairs!

    Add books, flowers, tea and even wheels to your stump - if you so desire.

    Stumps are always ready for their close-up.

    Go stumps on stumps and give your plant babies life in a new wooden home.

    And why stop there? Re-home your entire plant family!

    Or go even bigger and find yourself a coffee table, ready to be recycled into a brand new, second life.

    Have everyone ~stumped~ when they ask how you possibly manufactured such a perfect piece of furniture.

    And in addition to the rest, get some stumps on your walls, with the perfect stump stamp.