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    21 Beautiful Plant Tattoos For Anyone Who Doesn't Like Flowers

    This is a frangipani-free zone.

    1. Plants are damn beautiful things.

    2. Whether you're talking tall trees.

    3. Cute sprouts.

    4. Or tall spiky cacti.

    5. There's no denying that nature is an art form in itself.

    6. Which makes it the perfect tattoo subject.

    7. Because there is so much beauty in the simplicity of these finely drawn leaves.

    8. And these pot plant outlines.

    9. Plants can help you make a statement.

    10. Whether they're subtle.

    11. Or right there for the world to see.

    12. Maybe your tattoo will be sweet and simple.

    13. Or maybe it will be bold and bright.

    14. Either way, your choice is bound to be memorable.

    15. Because honestly, what could be prettier?

    16. And what could better express your love for your succulent babies?

    17. A love you know is never, ever going to waver.

    18. Perfect leaves can be an ode to your favourite season.

    19. Or as a symbol for something more meaningful.

    20. Other obsessions may come and go, but a love for perfect plants is bound to stick.

    21. And - unlike those on your coffee table - these ones will definitely last forever.

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