11 Of The Worst Things You Can Say To A Feminist

Besides, you know, “women suck”.

1. “Well, you don’t look like a feminist.”

Warner Bros. / Via rebloggy.com

What do I look like then?

2. “Why do you hate men?”

Why are you asking me that?

3. “Women aren’t any better than men, you know.”

Oh sorry, I thought I was asking for equality. Please, excuse me.

4. “And who is going to raise the next generation then?”

Screen Gems / Via gifhunterress.tumblr.com

I vote: People who have children and want to raise them.

5. “Women are fine in the workplace now. It’s not like it used to be.”

I have a pay gap that argues otherwise.

6. “It’s great you’re just such an Independent Woman.”

Disney / Via gifwave.com

No, it’s great I’m an independent PERSON. Until you start calling male humans “Independent Men,” you can just call me independent. Full Stop.

7. “How long have you been into this whole “feminism” thing?”

Warner Bros. / Via weheartit.com

Let me think. Maybe since I was born and realised brains were not gender-specific organs?

8. “It’s women’s natural instinct to want to stay home and look after children.”

I know many women who would disagree with you. Do you think they’re biologically broken?

9. “If women didn’t want the attention, they wouldn’t…”

Fox / Via gifeel.com

Wear skirts? Put make-up on? Step outside the house? Raise your hand if you’ve ever resisted the urge to yell at a man jogging without a top on in summer? Yep. Was it hard? No.

10. “You’re not a very good feminist.”

Because I painted my nails? Listened to “Blurred Lines?” Plan on getting married? Huh? HUH?!

11. “Calm down.”

Paramount Pictures / Via nowyouknowthis.com

*head explodes*

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