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    The Women's Paralympic Swim Team Made The Best Lip Sync Video

    The perfect warm up for Rio.

    Days out from the 2016 Paralympics in Rio, the Australian women's swim team decided to take a break from training to do something wonderful. They recreated their favourite scenes from High School Musical.

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    Honestly, you've got to watch this. It's amazing.

    The video features eight women from the Dolphins swim team.

    Tiffany Thomas Kane, Monique Murphy, Ashleigh McConnell, Rachael Watson, Kate Wilson, Maddison Elliott, Lakeisha Patterson, and Prue Watt.

    And Matt Levy from the men's Paralympic team also makes an appearance.

    Naturally, the combination of High School Musical bangers and insanely inspiring athletes is damn magical.

    Seriously, just try and watch this video without a smile creeping onto your face.

    Good luck in Rio, everyone! Thank you for this glorious pre-Games gift.

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