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23 Photos That Prove The Blue Mountains Are A Magical Fairy Land

Welcome to ~wonderland~.

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1. Less than an hour west of Sydney, the Blue Mountains are a magical place where adventure awaits.

2. Deep within these misty mountains it's easy to forget the city - or any aspect of your real life - even exists at all.

3. A day here can begin in a wonderful grey haze.

4. Mountain roads can lead you to the kind of places you thought only existed in fantasy novels.

5. There are deep, echoing, sparkling caves, waiting to be explored.

6. And the tiny towns tucked within the mountains are a whole new level of pretty.

7. Because the mountains are the kind of place fairies would definitely frolic.

8. And build houses, and probably host fairy parties.

9. Even if you're not magical yourself, you can still explore and play in the most wonderful of places, like these botanic gardens on Mount Tomah.

10. In autumn, the mountain's blue is accompanied by every shade of orange.

11. In spring, the Leura Garden Festival blooms bright.

12. Wentworth Falls will make you feel things...

13. an overwhelming sense of calm.

14. The glow worm tunnel will convince you, once again, that magic really does exist.

15. Because if real magic were to live anywhere, it would be within the Dreamtime tales of three sisters, who were turned to stone.

16. Feeling seperate from the world has never felt as good as it does in the mountains.

17. Where you could stare into the distance for hours, without getting bored.

18. Because when was the last time you looked beyond your phone screen?

19. If you decide that you need a distraction from the all the beauty, you can go listen to a running creek.

20. Or go apple picking in Bilpin.

21. Because fruit from the tree is just as fresh as the air out here.

22. And when you've got your fix of freshness, you can head straight back to that stream.

23. So, go - take a day to feel the ~magic~ of the mountains. And don't you dare miss that sunset.