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    Jul 15, 2014

    The 10 Stages Of Waiting For A Reply Text From Your Crush

    They're totally gonna reply any second now, right?

    1. Excitement

    New Line Cinema / Via

    They're totally going to reply. I mean, why wouldn't they? They'll reply, I'll reply - it'll be great. There is absolutely no possibility of me spiraling into a pit of sorrow and self-doubt today.

    2. Anticipation

    Fox / Via

    Any second now. The more you watch it, the more it’s likely to ding. Oh come on tri-tone, baby. Please don’t play this game with me.

    3. Concern

    Fox / Via

    They've lost it. Their phone, that is - not their mind. No, their mind is perfect. So is their hair. Man, they've got good hair. I hope they find their phone soon.

    4. Regret

    ABC / Via fymodernfamily

    WHY WOULD I DO THIS? What was I possibly thinking?! I mean, you can’t even delete texts any more, you idiot. EVERYTHING IS FOREVER. I hate myself more than I have ever hated anything or anyone. I wouldn't reply to me either.

    5. Denial

    Fox / Via

    Is this actually happening? Are they ACTUALLY just not writing back now? No. It can't be the case.

    6. Rage

    E! / Via thiskitten

    Look, buddy. Ja Rule mightn't have always been there when you called, but he was always on time - and this just ain't good enough. I don't need this.

    7. Full-blown Rage

    Fox / Via

    That was a FUNNY TEXT. It was. Sure, I didn’t ask a direct question, but a response was implied – see, right there – just after my hilarious quick-witted banter. I hate them.

    8. The Final Straw

    Fox / Via

    If they don’t write back in the next half-a-two-hours… They’re dead to me. (Unless they’ve got a really, REALLY good excuse.)

    9. Acceptance

    HBO Films / Via

    It's been a day. Or two. You've stopped checking your phone and have accepted that they clearly hate your guts. Or, that they really did lose their phone. You'll never know.

    10. Moving On

    HBO / Via

    It was nothing. They were nothing. I spent three days sulking about a text message? Nope. That doesn't sound like me. Must have been someone else.

    Anyway, if you could please excuse me - I've got a text to send.

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