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These Giant Knitted Blankets Are The Answer To Your Winter Prayers

Talk about a chunky knit.

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Ukraine-based designer, Anna Mo - the knitting queen behind Etsy store Ohhio - is responsible for creating the world's* cosiest blankets.

Ohhio / Via

*If you've ever seen a blanket cosier than this, we challenge you to stand up and speak right now.

In addition to her ~super chunky~ blankets, Mo's online store also stocks a variety of jumpers and scarves that appear so cuddly, one can only assume they'd be capable of warming even the coldest of hearts.

Mo also uses her magical knitting skills to make big, beautiful pom-poms, which are available to purchase, along with custom-made giant needles and giant balls of yarn - so you too can make your own warm and wonderful knits.

Buy it or DIY it. Whatever. Winter is here and it's officially time to embrace the chunky knit.