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    Sydney Just Broke The World Record For The Biggest Serving Of Pulled Pork

    It's pork history in the making, people.

    Today in Sydney's Martin Place, Australian Pork recorded the Guiness World Record for the biggest serving of pulled pork.

    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed

    The exact record amount of the very ~on trend~ meat cooked and served on site was a very impressive 707kg.

    For a gold coin donation, pork-lovers could enjoy a tasty lunch, with all proceeds going to Australia charities, Beyond Blue, Starlight Children's Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

    Just used my laptop as a placemat for the #pulledporkrecord #porkfest @FourinHand So. Good.

    Any leftovers from the 10-hour cook up were donated to food rescue organisation, OzHarvest.

    Served from 11am until 2pm, the fresh pulled pork rolls had Sydneysiders smiling, and lining Martin Place.

    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed


    Here's to pulled pork - and another record breaking day for Australia and its food lovers.

    Anna Mendoza/BuzzFeed

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