16 Clever Things To Do With All Those Empty Jars You've Been Hanging Onto

    Re-grow vegetables, make the perfect gift for a sick friend, or seriously upgrade your morning breakfast routine.

    Whether you've been hoarding Mason jars for years or just have a few empty pasta sauce bottles in your cupboard, there's a good chance you've been waiting for jar-spiration to strike.

    1. Make a soup mix to give to a sick friend...or save for the next time you're not feeling 100%.

    2. Make the perfect yarn storage jar by adding a lid with a hole.

    3. Try repurposing your empty jars by making your own tiny herb garden.

    4. Or take it to the next level and try re-growing your vegetable scraps.

    5. Use a jar with measurements to help you make your favorite dishes even faster.

    6. Or try this simple garlic peeling hack to save even more time in the kitchen.

    7. If you, like me, compost your fruit and vegetable scraps, try taking an empty jar with you to picnics.

    8. Use a jar to store and transport leftovers, in lieu of a plastic container.

    9. Prepare for your morning smoothie by filling a jar with ingredients, than keeping it in the fridge overnight.

    10. Or become one of those people who swears by their overnight oat recipe.

    11. Make a pretty plant hanger that could be made in an afternoon with a jar, some rope, and a length of dowel.

    12. Find a pretty storage solution for your matches that will look great sitting by your candle collection.

    13. And turn your empty candle jars into makeup storage.

    14. Get your pet treats out of their ugly packaging and into a jar you won't want to hide away in a cupboard.

    15. Turn an empty Mason jar into a fully functioning cocktail maker with a shaker lid.

    16. Or add a pump lid to the top of a jar to store and dispenser hand soap or cleaning products.

    H/T Journey to Zero-Waste for their inspiration and helpful tips!