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    Posted on 9 Oct 2015

    Sam Frost From "The Bachelorette" Just Shared An Amazing Make-Up-Free Selfie

    With a damn important message to boot.

    If you're a fan of The Bachelorette Australia, you're probably very used to seeing the lovely Sam Frost looking like this – goddamn flawless.

    Channel Ten


    Seriously, Sam is perfection.

    But just as we all assumed Sam couldn't possibly get any more lovable, she posted this make-up-free selfie in response to the many comments she receives from her young followers.

    This isn't the first time Sam has shared a make-up free-selfie; she posted this one with a similar message six months ago, after her time on The Bachelor Australia.

    Sam, you are a flawless, toastie-making queen – with AND without make-up.

    Channel Ten

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