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19 Little Things That Will Freak You Out Every Single Time

When butterflies go bad. Very bad.

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1. Running into your ex when you definitely weren't expecting it.


"Fancy seeing you here, on this street corner, when I'm with my co-worker you probably now think is my latest fling, with my hair I probably should have washed this morning. Hi. Hello."

2. More than three missed calls from a parent.



3. Seeing that someone you used to date has liked one of your photos.


"Oh cool. Yeah. Right. I mean, they didn't write back to that text I sent three weeks ago, but whatever. Nice. Good for me, I guess? WHAT DOES THIS EVEN MEAN?"

4. Remembering at work that you might have left your iron on.


Or, hair straightener. Or curling tong. Oh god.

5. Any text that says "I need to talk to you about something"...

The CW


6. ...or "give me a call as soon as you can".


+1 for those times you call them back straight away, and they decide not to answer.

7. A meeting request from your boss, with a blank subject line.

Screen Gems

"Yep. This is it. I'm getting fired."

8. Remembering your account balance as the person at the register is swiping your card.

New Line Cinema

"Did I have $7.50 or $5.70? How much were bananas again? Shit."

9. Realising your period is late...

Marble Hornets / Via

...or finding out that the person you're sleeping with just had this realisation.

10. Those damn three dots as you wait for a reply to your iMessage.



11. Seeing you sent a Snapchat the night before but having no recollection of what was in it.

Paramount Pictures

*Fingers crossed* no selfie.

12. Not being able to find your phone in your handbag, just as you get off the train.

Anchor Bay Entertainment

Also known as, the moment before you remember it's in your pocket.

13. When you open a just-sent email to double-check it went to the right person, and not the person you were bitching about.

Universal Pictures


14. Remembering that browser history exists, just after you let someone use your laptop.


Especially when you already knew it was oh-so wrong to have stalked your brother's S.O. all the way back to 2010.

15. Watching someone look something up on your phone, wondering what you last searched for.


"Please just be 'how to spell definitely'. Dear god, please let that be all."

16. Seeing sniffer dogs at a festival, even if you definitely, 100% do NOT have drugs on you.

Disney Channel


17. Hearing a beep as your bag is scanned at airport customs, again, even if you have NO reason to be worried.


Cue: guilty look.

18. Being pulled over for a random breath test, even when driving sober.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

"Hello, officer. I had a glass of wine, um, two days ago? I AM SORRY."

19. And when a computer program unexpectedly shuts down before you've had a chance to save anything.